Amber Gokken and Sascha Raeburn in Lesbian Western (2013)

A lone, female ‘gunslinger’ wanders into a domestic abuse situation -and all hell breaks loose!!! In the tradition of Eastwood’s “man with no name”; Leone’s “spaghetti westerns”; and Peckinpaw’s epics… A new twist is brought to an old story: the Lesbian-Western is born!!!

Lesbian Western (2013) is a short film written and directed by Shane Borza. It stars Amber Gokken as The Hero, Sascha Raeburn as The Girl, Alex Jewson as The Villain, and Nikki Waterhouse as The Junkie. Watch Trailer 1 or Trailer 2, or just watch the 20-minute film right here …

OK, I’m not sure that I love this movie, but, I definitely like it. I do love the idea of a “lesbian western” particularly of the spaghetti-esque variety. I would like this movie more if its budget had allowed for more traditional western elements, like horses, gunfights, etc. And, I would love it if the plot and characters were more fully developed. I wanted to see The Hero rescue The Girl and run off with her to a different location where we could learn more about them. Then, as The Villain, with The Junkie in tow, chases after them in search of retribution we could learn more about them. Budget constraints – I know. However, despite those constraints, the film is shot well and is very well-acted. I really love the sepia tones as well as the soundtrack music. Now, I don’t know if this film is actually supposed to be taking place in the Old West or not; but, if it is, some things are out of place, like the 2-liter bottle, The Junkie’s underwear, spray-painted graffiti on the walls, etc. I like the idea of mixing contemporary with historical [without explanation], but, I don’t think the mix is intentional in this film if it is, in fact, set in the Old West. But, as it is, I like this film. I could love it if it were expanded. Maybe Borza will do so someday.

Now, what I like most about this film is the beautiful Amber Gokken!


Amber Gokken: Beauty.

Amber Gokken, from New South Wales, Australia, played a Priestess in The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003). I wouldn’t know. The Matrix (1999) was a brilliant, ground-breaking film, and I don’t care much for its inferior sequels. Gokken stars next in Shane Borza‘s upcoming feature Turbines (2015?). She is also “a trained martial artist in Arnis/Kali, fighting with sticks, bladed weapons and hand-to-hand combat, and kickboxing.” She is beautiful and, apparently, bad-ass, too!


Amber Gokken: Badass.

Watch Amber Gokken‘s showreel here …

She looks amazing in that first clip in black with all that blue!


The Venomous Pinks are an all-girl punk trio hailing from Phoenix, AZ. They are Drea Doll (guitar/vocals), Gaby Kaos (guitar/bass/vocals) and Jewlz (drums/vocals). The Venomous Pinks, they say, are “influenced by Joan Jett and The Ramones“. I say they sound like The Runaways (circa 1977) meet The Donnas (circa 1999) fronted by Brody Dalle (circa 2003). They recently released their 2nd EP Exes & Whoas! (featuring guest vocals by Roger Miret of Agnostic Front on 2 tracks) and are currently my new favorite band of the week!

The Venomous Pinks‘ debut EP Three In the Pink was released in 2013, and features 5 great tracks that mix hard rock with punk. “Fight Tonight” and “Leather” sound like they’re straight off The Donnas‘ Get Skintight (1999), while “Don’t Look Back” recalls (less sludgy) Paranoid-era Black Sabbath, “Mantis” kicks out classic hardcore, and “No Rules” rocks little mid-tempo pop/punk. Excellent debut, but …

Exes & Whoas! is even better! Great title, awesome cover. On their latest EP, The Venomous Pinks‘ sound like the Southwestern sisters of L.A.’s Civet, who also mesh together all of those same influences. “Never Say Never” and “Do You Wanna?” are the 2 tracks featuring Roger Miret. Both are hardcore punk rockers that wouldn’t be out of place on a mix with some of Agnostic Front‘s best. “I Really Don’t Care” is catchy pop/punker, while “No No No” is like Betty Blowtorch [whom the band also cites as an influence] meets The Go-Go’s and that sounds amazing! However, “Can We Go?” is, for right now, my favorite track on Exes & Whoas! – but that will change I’m sure! That song will fit perfectly right after Civet‘s “Love & War” on my femme fatale punk rock mix! OK, ladies – I am definitely ready for a full album! Until then, let’s watch the video for “Never Say Never” here …

Next, let’s watch The Venomous Pinks‘ teaser clip for the upcoming video for “Can We Go?” …

Oh, and like Joan Jett who covered [quite awesomely!] the theme song for The Mary Tyler Moore Show (“Love Is All Around“), The Venomous Pinks add a punky touch to the theme song for Laverne & Shirley. I downloaded that track from their website a few months back but, now, I can’t find it anywhere. They also cover Hall & Oates“Maneater”. You can download that one for free at Bandcamp. Buy their two EPs while you’re there.



PMS Cop (2014) is a low-budget action/slasher film inspired by the ’80s-early ’90s psychotic cop craze, but, with a feminine twist. The craze began with the 1988 cult classic Maniac Cop which starred giant-jawed Robert Z’Dar as Matthew Cordell, the vengeful undead police officer. It was followed by two sequels: Maniac Cop 2 (1990) and Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence (1993). Chris .R. Notarile recently tried to resurrect the franchise by tempting potential investors with Maniac Cop (Promo Fan Film) (2008) and Maniac Cop (Promo Short) (2009). Other “cop” films included the very bad Zombie Cop (1991) and Troma‘s not so bad Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1990). Robert Z’Dar also played the villain in so-bad-it’s-good Samurai Cop (1991) which, almost 25 years later, is getting a sequel, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015?). Anyway …

I found PMS Cop when my search for Chris .R. Notarile‘s feature film Stand Off led me to Tom Cat Films, a Phoenix-based film sales, licensing and distribution company that deals in low-budget films. However, in order to watch PMS Cop, I had to sign up for Full Moon Streaming where it premiered online via Charles Band‘s new Wizard Studios, which is dedicated to independent films (other than Band‘s own).

PMS Cop was written and directed by Bryon Blakey. Watching his film is like being subjected to the classic psychological interrogation tactic of good cop/bad cop. This is a dumb analogy but let’s go with it. The 1st third of the movie is good cop because, well, it’s really good. However, it sets up a premise that doesn’t quite deliver in its final two thirds, or bad cop. Well, maybe it’s more like not-as-good cop because, after a second viewing, I liked those final two thirds a little more.


Heather Hall as Mary Collins in PMS Cop (2014)

Mary Collins (Heather Hall) is an adorable police officer with some anger issues and a very lovely behind. After Mary is caught on camera beating a rapist dressed as a clown who assaulted a young woman with big fake boobs, she is told that she needs to seek professional counseling. Her therapist blames her hostility on PMS and recommends that she enroll in an experimental drug trial for Corybantic which, presumably, will mitigate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Although it’s not said, Mary’s lovely behind is blamed on proper diet and exercise.

Mary enrolls in the trial at BFD Laboratories and, in addition to the drug, she is given a chip implant in her neck to transmit data. She responds positively to the drug, at first. However, when her partner is killed during a convenience store robbery, Mary’s mascara begins to run, and she snaps. She pulls over a man beating his wife in his car and, then, rips his lower jaw right off. Nicholis Foster (David J. Lee), son of BFD’s founder, sends out a security team to retrieve Mary. They sedate her at the laboratory while old Dr. Sokolov (Elaine Jenkins), who has a confusing Eastern European accent which we are led to believe is Russian, and young Dr. Sellers (Megan Dehart) try to figure out what went wrong. Dr. Sokolov concludes that Corybantic together with the chip implant, originally from a failed military contract, can offer more lucrative benefits as a military weapon. They take Mary off the sedatives to monitor her potential, and she quickly mutates into PMS Cop (Cindy Means). PMS Cop is taller, stronger, has longer hair, and prefers red lipstick. PMS Cop is badass and pissed off. She escapes her shackles and proceeds to hunt down and kill everyone in the building, like a female Terminator. Eventually, the increased adrenaline levels in PMS Cop’s blood causes her heart to explode [but, not in the good way!]. However, that doesn’t stop PMS Cop, and she continues her rampage through the building, presumably undead, like a female Maniac Cop.


Cindy Means as PMS Cop in PMS Cop (2014)

Some of the gore gags in PMS Cop are very good like, for instance, Mary’s aforementioned ripping off of a scumbag’s lower jaw. PMS Cop rips off a security guard’s arm and for a brief second it looks like she’s tugging at a Stretch Armstrong doll. She also slashes the chest of an attractive female security guard’s chest and her implants fall to the floor. One lands on some stairs, and another security guard slips on it, bashing his head on a step. My only problem, after second viewing, is that the carnage is held to the confines of the building. I would loved to have seen PMS Cop break out and continue her rampage throughout the city as BFD security and the Police attempted to stop her. Obviously, budget constraints did not allow for this. However, in the end, PMS Cop does leave the building, so here’s hoping she returns in a bigger, more bad-ass sequel! Watch the trailer here …

Heather Hall, who plays Mary, is definitely adorable. She’s very good, too, in her role. Sadly, according to IMDb, PMS Cop is her only acting credit. Cindy Means, who plays PMS Cop, is awesome in her role despite not speaking a single word of dialogue. She’s as sexy as she is bad-ass when she’s the Maniac Cop meets Terminator-esque killing machine; but, when she’s herself, she’s adorable, too …


Adorable Cindy Means


OK, here I am, once again, gushing about yet another passionate filmmaker whose work I recently discovered. I’m amazed, sometimes, by how much I love this kind of ameteur stuff, you know, as opposed to mainstream Hollywood movies and network TV shows. This time, my spotlight shines on Chris .R. Notarile and Blinky Productions INC [blinky500] who offer “some of the coolest fan films and original content you will probably see online.”

The Retcon Chronicles is a brand new web series that follows a group of vigilante superheroes investigating the death of a homeless woman which subsequently leads back to the ominous research facility- Retcon Labs. But what they find is far from what any of them ever expected.

The Retcon Chronicles (2014) was directed, written, shot and edited by Chris .R. Notarile; stars Dominique Storelli as Kayla The Centurion, Robert Tovani as The Avenger, Kylie Contreary as Phantom Faye, Hidekun Hah as Ken the Specialist, and Andrea-Nichole Olivas as Madaline Hess; and guest stars Michael Seth Huntsman as Subject – 0, Shannon McDermott as Sara/Celista, Jeff Richards as Jimbo, and Tom Ito as King the Specialist. The pilot was filmed with no budget, while 12 episodes were pitched via an IndieGoGo campaign, but, the funding goal was not met. Hopefully, Notarile will proceed anyway, undeterred. Watch the series pilot here …

First, I love the opening credits sequence. The industrial theme song is Break Shins To This by Seattle-based digital hardcore band Rabbit Junk [JP Anderson and Sum Grrl]. Second, I love that the superhero team is lead by a female. Dominique Storelli is very good as Kayla The Centurion, and she is an amazingly beautiful woman. However, much like angelboi2k in the YouTube comments, I’m left wondering why she’s so antagonistic toward The Avenger or why she thinks he’s acting like an ass. If he were bitter or resentful or even just more sarcastic, it would make sense. I think some of his lines probably should’ve been read with more umbrage. As they are, he comes off way too nice to deserve her hostility. But, I can overlook this.

Finally, I love Phantom Faye! I was sold from the get-go with Kayla The Centurion as the team’s leader, but, when Phantom Faye popped in at the morgue, I knew I was getting into something even cooler. Faye’s best line: “Any more of us and we’re going to need matching outfits. Go team,” she quips, after The Avenger tells her he’s going to call The Specialist as backup. Kylie Contreary, who is very tall, is great – and adorable! Watch her, sans Phantom makeup, in Illuminati Inc. [not a Blinky film]. Oh, and Phantom Celista is awesome, too – in a creepy Carnival of Souls kind of way! More Phantoms, please!


The Retcon Chronicles, despite the confusing interaction between Kayla and The Avenger, is a cool alternative to mainstream comic movie adaptations, and it’s a fun introduction to Chris .R. Notarile‘s original “universe.” The web series is, in fact, connected to some of Notarile‘s other original content. Related films include:

The Protector (2006) – An aged superhero (Tony Dadika) with a heart condition recalls his days of glory as The Protector (Greg DePetro). It’s a poignant film. Jimbo references The Protector in The Retcon Chronicles.

Jack & Jill (2010) – Two homicidal assassins [Brandon Slagle and Kim Santiago], who were part of “super secret soldier reprogramming lab experiments”, take over a live television broadcast. The characters of Jack and Jill are a re-working of The Joker and Harley Quinn. The film is dark and unrelenting, and Kim Santiago is badass!

CHOICE (2011) – A depressed, suicidal actress (Kerri Miller) meets choice personified (Mandy Evans) and must choose between life or death. This dark but ultimately inspiring film is quite possibly my favorite Blinky short. It’s absolutely perfect – from the opening shot of alcohol being poured into a glass to the closing credits over which an affecting song plays ["Out of Control" by New York City-based dance rock band Hypodive]. One location, two characters, and two amazing performances. It’s so damn good, let’s watch it here …

So, why didn’t I make CHOICE the focus of this post? I don’t know. Anyway, the character of Choice is the obvious inspiration for The Retcon Chronicles‘ Phantom Faye. The next two related sci-fi/action films are set in the same future, after a second U.S. civil war, and feature some of the same cast members [Roberto Lombardi, Kasey Williams, Shawn Parr, and others].

Perfect: Android Rising (2013) [Trailer 1, Trailer 2, Teaser] – Set (mostly) in the year 2059, rebels in a totalitarian future capture the new Republic’s android killing machine LIA (Samantha Talbott) and re-program her to think and feel. This entertaining feature will be released on DVD in the U.S. on 2/17/2015. Retcon Labs is the manufacturer of the android killing machines. Watch it here.

American Lawless (2012) – Set in the year 2112, former outlaw Luke (Shawn Parr) sets out to rescue his wife Rose (Kasey Williams) from the ruthless gang he betrayed. This film is, basically, a post-apocalyptic western. I like the plot twist, and the soundtrack music.

Chris .R. Notarile and Blinky Productions INC have been producing “high quality films… without the budget” since 2004, but, I only just discovered them now, via The Retcon Chronicles. They have so many excellent shorts, fan films and features to offer in genres like drama, action, horror, superhero, and comedy. However, you probably won’t find them unless, like me, you’re looking for them. Blinky is definitely “Hollywood’s best kept secret!!!” Or at least one of them. So, let me mention [more than just] a few of my Blinky favorites [other than the ones I've already mentioned], and some that I’m sure will become my favorites when they’re made (or made available)!

First, more SUPERHERO fan films …


Catwoman is realized, in a sexy purple suit worn by the lovely Niki Notarile [Chris's ex], in Catwoman (Principles), The World’s Finest [with Tawnya Manion as Power Girl, Persiana Cota/Lisa Adams (voice) as Livewire, and Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" over the closing credits], and the excellent 6-episode mini-series Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange [Episode III: Home Invasion is my favorite episode for reasons that will become obvious in a forthcoming post, although Episode V: The Transporters Return is awesome, too!]. Oh, and Choice herself, Mandy Evans, plays Catwoman, in black leather, in The Knight Waltz.

The Joker and Harley Quinn are brought to life in a series of short films inspired by the Heath Ledger version of The Joker from The Dark Knight (2008). The films were directed by the very lovely Kim Santiago [who also plays Poison Ivy]; written by Chris .R. Notarile and Kim Santiago; and star Chris .R. Notarile as The Joker and Johanna Telander as Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn. The individual films are Call Me Mr. J (Part I), Anything You Say Mr. J (Part II), Well Done Mr. J (Part III), and Sincerely Mr. J (Part IV). Or, if you like, you can watch the whole saga as The Complete Mr. J.

Finally [for superhero favorites, anyway], there’s Elektra (The Hand & The Devil) which was co-written by and stars Kim Santiago as the title character. If nothing else, this film, for me, is better than both Daredevil (2003) and Elektra (2005). However, I’ll watch Kim Santiago in anything and, luckily, she’s in a lot of Blinky films!

Next: DRAMA! HORROR! Or both!


Bitter Sweet (2006) is a thriller about a girl Amy (Natalie Laspina) facing her evil alter ego Jean (Niki Notarile). I love this short! However, I think it might have worked even better if the final shot [pun intended] was the only shot that revealed the twist. SPLIT (2012) explores the same theme but with a very different twist ending, as Alison/Lisa (Suzi Lorraine) fight over control of their body. Both films were shot in Notarile‘s dank, dark basement [as was Anything You Say Mr. J] to great effect. I love the idea of split personalities at odds with each other. Suzi Lorraine, by the way, has a long resumé of films I need to check out! Finally [for dramas], One Night Stand (2010) is a thriller in which a girl (Zoe Sloane) wakes up next to a dead body in a motel room. These three films, each with their own unique twists, fit together perfectly. However, SPLIT, along with CHOICE, is part of Notarile‘s “message in a bottle” series. The other films in the series are ROSES (2012), HOST* (2012) [co-starring Dana Jesberger who also appears in Perfect] and the very touching SUPERHERO (2012) [co-starring Joanna Telander].

* How ironic would it be if, at the end of HOST, a couple of thugs break into the girl’s apartment and kill her before she can extend her bloodline? Anyway …

iPSYCHO (2010), again, was co-written by and stars Kim Santiago. She plays Cat Vicious, a shock jock podcaster, who attracts a tech-savvy psychotic listener. It’s a very good little slasher film with an excellent performance by Kim Santiago. I love the character of Cat Vicious. I’d love to see a drama about her. In iPSYCHO II (2013), the tech-savvy psycho targets Stanton Beckford (Rick Zahn), an ultra-conservative talk show host. The sequel doesn’t have Kim Santiago but it does have a dark twist ending. Notarile and Blinky have also produced a number of fan films for horror franchises like Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. Check them all out right here. Oh, and have a Merry Christmas with Axe Massacre!


Speaking of fan films, it’s Chris .R. Notarile‘s Escape From New Jersey (2010) [Part I, Part II, Part II, Part IV, FULL]. This Snake Plissken fan film is recommended mostly for Hector De La Rosa‘s spot-on portrayal of Plissken and, as always, the appearance of lovely Kim Santiago! Snake Plissken, of course, was portrayed by Kurt Russell in John Carpenter‘s Escape From New York (1981) and its inferior sequel Escape From L.A. (1996). Notarile even has an excellent cameo as Loud Mouth Trucker [aka Jack Burton from John Carpenter's awesome Big Trouble in Little China (1986)]. De La Rosa also did his own Snake Plissken fan film, The Escape Agenda (2012). Oh, and check out his spot-on portrayal of Antonio Banderas in Notarile‘s fan film The Legend of El (2013), inspired by Robert Rodriguez‘s “Mariachi” trilogy [particularly Desperado (1995)]. That film also stars the adorable Andrea-Nichole Olivas as Boss Lady.

Finally, here’s a few Blinky projects that I’d love to see …


Stand Off (2012) [Teaser Trailer, Trailer 1, Final Trailer], Chris .R. Notarile‘s 2nd feature film [after Methodic (2007)], is a crime drama about “a group of elite female bank robbers are thrown into a Mexican stand off when they discover that someone on their team might be a snitch for the cops.” It stars some of Notarile‘s usual suspects: Mandy Evans, Kim Santiago, Kerri Miller, Ella Jane New, Roberto Lombardi and Kasey Williams. The film was distributed by Tom Cat Films. OK, so where is it? I’d buy it, or rent it, without question. Oh, and where’s Jane’s Last Stand (2011), the prequel to Stand Off?

JACI [Opening Sequence, Promotional Trailer, Music Video], starring Mandy Evans, is “an action thriller about a former black ops agent turned New York bounty hunter who discovers there is a hit squad coming for her and her team.” Check out some artwork here.

Armed Robbery (?) is “an action movie involving guns, girls and lots of money.” That’s all I know. And, that it stars Kim Santiago. That’s all I need to know. Check out some artwork here.

Daddy’s Girl (?) is “a new suspense thriller about a manipulative teen and her vengeful father.” And, that it stars Zoe Sloane (with Kim Santiago). That’s all I need to know. Check out some artwork here.

Chris .R. Notarile is my new favorite ameteur filmmaker. The only thing missing from most of his original content films is the budget they deserve. He’s got everything else, including a very talented crew of usual suspects – like, for instance, Kim Santiago! Someday, I’m sure, Notarile will be behind a big Hollywood blockbuster. Of course, if that happens, I’ll probably hipster out on him. But, he deserves the success.



Sweden’s Frantic Amber

Frantic Amber, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is “a female-fronted melodic death metal band with members from four three different countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Japan). Their sound is an intense mix of metal filled with heavy riffs and soaring melodies combined with aggressive vocals.” They are, currently, Elizabeth Andrews (from Denmark) on vocals, Mary Säfstrand (from Sweden) on guitar, Mio Jäger (from Sweden by way of Japan) on lead guitar, Madeleine Gullberg Husberg (from Sweden) on bass and Mac Dalmanner (from Sweden) on drums. Husberg and Dalmanner recently replaced Sandra Randi Stensen (from Norway) and Erik Röjås (from Sweden), respectively. Frantic Amber‘s debut full-length Burning Insight was released in Sweden on September 17, 2014. Watch the awesome horror-inspired video for the album’s title track here …

I found a comment, earlier this morning, informing me that Frantic Amber‘s new music video is “filled with nightmare fuel!!” So, I checked it out. They were right! The band pays tribute to several horror films and video games as Mac, knocked unconscious while fleeing zombies, finds himself in The Ring [with Mio as Sadako], Carrie [with Madeleine as Carrie], Resident Evil [with Elizabeth as Alice], and, finally, Silent Hill [with Mary as a Nurse]. Now, it’s easy to see that Carrie is Madeleine and Alice is Elizabeth, but, I’ve made the assumption that Sadako is Mio since Mio is, in fact, Japanese and, thus, by process of elimination, the Nurse is Mary. Anyway, the Resident Evil parts are pretty badass! I love when Elizabeth fires her shotgun into the zombie’s belly in the lift and, later, into a zombie’s head on the floor. Her mid-air double kick and vertical kick are pretty impressive, too. Oh, and I love Elizabeth‘s sexy metal moves in the performance footage at about the 3:31 mark. Awesome video!


Frantic Amber‘s Elizabeth Andrews (vocals)

So, what about the music? Well, if you’ve read my post titled Death Metal, KISS and Dr. Love, you know that, in general, I love female death metal growling and, in particular, I love Sweden’s own Arch Enemy (with either Angela Gossow or Canada’s Alissa White-Gluz as the vocalist). Frantic Amber, like Arch Enemy, understands the concept of melodic death metal. “Burning Insight” is heavy, for sure, with all the characteristics of the genre, like deep growling, low-tuned and distorted guitars, tremolo picking, double-kick drumming, etc. However, it also delivers a powerful melody with an addictive hook. “Burning Insight” will fit nicely right after Arch Enemy‘s “You Will Know My Name” on my extreme metal playlist! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, but, since Frantic Amber is unsigned in Sweden, they don’t have an international distribution deal, so I’ll have to keep waiting – for now.

Check out more videos at the official Frantic Amber YouTube channel.


Gotham City Sirens is a fan film that tells the story of a unstable alliance between Pamela Lillian Isley, Harley Quinn and Selina Kyle. Each of them has a dark past and reputations that have made them into some of Gotham’s most notorious criminals.

Catwoman has always been a highly skilled thief and a loner. So when she teams up with Ivy and Harley it’s to pursue a very lucrative business opportunity. Naturally it’s illegal. But during this partnership Selina has to make some harsh decisions, choices that beg the question is she friend or foe to her new surrogate family.

This looks awesome! Gotham City Sirens is the latest fan film, funded via Kickstarter, from Detroit-based digital media artist Terrell CulbertCulbert founded the small press publication BAM (Breathe Again Magazine) which is “mostly a pop-culture magazine created for comic book fans and all who are awesome!”


How do I get that magazine?! Anyway, Culbert, via his Breathe Again Entertainment independent film production company, has produced quite a number of comic and horror-inspired fan videos and web series. Some are better than others, but each successive film is definitely better than the last and Gotham City Girls looks to be one of his best. Culbert originally imagined Selina Kyle in his fan film The Catwoman. Watch it here …

They say a cat has 9 lives, lucky for Catwoman! After being shot and left for dead Selina Kyle aka Catwoman has plans to get even with her ex-partners in crime.

I love the opening scene where Black Mask (Brian Roe) shoots Selina Kyle (Leez Nikollaj). Well done. Nikollaj will reprise her role as Catwoman in Gotham City Girls, while Kelly Kirstein will play Poison Ivy and Kristina Martin will play Harley Quinn. I like the new Catwoman costume with the goggles better. Her costume in The Catwoman was inspired by Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), and I always thought her mask looked like she bought it on the fly at Wal-Mart during Halloween. Leez Nikollaj previously played a psychotic Harley Quinn in Culbert‘s Batgirl Part Three, while adorable Ashley Elyse played Catwoman in Batgirl Part One. I’m not sure what happened to Batgirl Part Two.

Other good short films from Terrell Culbert include his take on Marvel’s blue-skinned shapeshifter Mystique, his Freddy Kreuger fan film Emily Elmstreet [starring the lovely Brittany Millitello as Dr. Basset], and his submission for The ABCs of Death 2 (2014) M is for Matrimony [which is better than most of the short films in The ABCs of Death (2012)]. Also, I love the concept for his fangirl romantic comedy Cosplay Crush starring Aaron Toland II and, once again, Leez Nikollaj

Alan Parker has always been in love with what he creates on comic book pages. Now he is about to meet the woman of his dreams. Welcome to Cosplay Crush an independent film about comic books and the awesome people they bring together.

Watch the trailer here …

Sadly, the IndieGoGo campaign was unsuccessful but, hopefully, that won’t stop him. My only disappointment, I think, is Culbert‘s X-23 web series. I found Culbert by randomly searching for X-23 fan films. His was the only one I found. It doesn’t suck – I was just hoping for more X-23. Watch the trailer here with Monoral‘s hit “Kiri” [from the anime Ergo Proxy] as its soundtrack. If nothing else, X-23 showed me that Culbert‘s got a lot of passion for what he does and, based on his later work, he’s getting much better at realizing it. So, I’m looking forward to watching Gotham City Girls when it’s finished and, hopefully, Cosplay Crush, too.


Tabitha Lyons cosplaying as Juliet Starling

OK, the photo set below is so good, I just had to post the pics! This is UK-based cosplayer Tabitha Lyons, whom I mentioned in my previous post about digital artist Andrew Dobell, cosplaying as Juliet Starling from the Lollipop Chainsaw video game. Tabitha and her father, Nic Samiotis, founded and run Artyfacts Action Props Ltd, a company that “specializes in foam and latex props and costumes for Live Action Role Play and Cosplay.” This is my third post featuring pics of lovely ladies cosplaying as Juliet Starling [see also Jessica Nigri and Rebecca]. I love the character. Juliet is a …

Cheerleader at San Romero High School with a dark secret… she is a zombie hunter sworn to destroy the undead. Favorite Food: strawberry lollipops. Favorite Hobbies: cheerleading, karaoke, and dismembering zombies. Favorite Weapon: chainsaw.





Tabitha Lyons looks amazing in those photos, but, the photos themselves, by Simon Trussell Photography for SCG – Super Cosplay Girls [if you like cosplay girls, check this site out!], are pretty amazing, too! Now, let’s watch some awesome grindhouse-inspired promos for Lollipop Chainsaw

She’s brutal! She’s merciless! She’s deadly! When the zombie apocalypse begins… show no mercy! Lollipop Chainsaw!

More blood than a Texas slaughterhouse! More skin than a girls locker room! More severed heads than the French Revolution! Add ‘em all up and what do you get? Hours of total awesomeness! In 2012, get ready for sex! Get ready for blood! Get ready for rock & roll! Lollipop Chainsaw!

Sit down! Shut up! And pay attention! Because school’s… in… session! To survive the zombie apocalypse… use skull-crushing combos… heavy weaponry… an array of unlockable costumes, moves, and upgrades and annihilate your enemies by any means necessary!

Someone NEEDS to make a Lollipop Chainsaw movie! Of course, the idea is not exactly crazy talk since the video game’s story was written by filmmaker James Gunn who wrote Troma‘s Tromeo and Juliet (1996) and Zack Snyder‘s Dawn of the Dead remake (2004). He also wrote and directed Slither (2006) and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). But, if not a mainstream Hollywood feature, how about a fan film or web series? Dear Tabitha Lyons and Andrew Dobell – please make Lollipop Chainsaw your next project together!