Batman: Harley and Ivy issues #1-3 [covers by Bruce Timm]

OK, just like I promised myself, I read the 3-issue mini-series Batman: Harley and Ivy (2004) and, as expected, I loved it! The comic was the work (script/plot/art) of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Dini and Timm, of course, created the character of Harley Quinn who first appeared in the “Joker’s Favor” episode of Batman: The Animated Series (1992-95). She was originally voiced by Dini‘s college friend, soap star Arleen Sorkin. The character of Poison Ivy, by the way, was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, and first appeared in Batman #181 (June 1966). Anyway, Shane Glines did the inks on issue #1 and some of #2.

Batman: Harley and Ivy follows more comical misadventures of BFFs Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn as Ivy tries to procure the rare zombie root. Well, Ivy is Harley‘s BFF, while Ivy tries hard just to tolerate Harley‘s antics. However, deep down inside Ivy‘s green pleart [plant + heart = pleart], she kind of likes Harley. Harley‘s like Ivy‘s little blonde puppy – the kind that follows you home when you try to lose them in the woods miles away. She’s playful and mischievous, but obedient, too; and, Ivy can’t help but love her. Now, I love psychotic, bat-shit crazy Harley Quinn; but daft, scatterbrained Harley, which this comic delivers, is a whole lot of silly fun.


“People let me tell you ’bout my best friend!”

Batman: Harley and Ivy #1 (of 3): Bosom Buddies. Harley and Ivy hope to steal the rare South American zombie root which Ivy will use to distill a chemical that will make anyone a willing slave since her special kiss only works on men. However, due to Harley‘s mistake, they break into the Botanical Society on the wrong night. Batman apprehends them, but, not before Harley destroys the zombie root. “I don’t ever want to see you again!” Ivy tells Harley, two weeks later, in Arkham Asylum. Ivy escapes and boards a boat headed for Costa Verde to find a new zombie root to finish her plan without Harley. But, of course, Ivy‘s little blonde puppy follows her.


Harley and Ivy in Their Undies! Part One

Batman: Harley and Ivy #2 (of 3): Jungle Fever!. Harley and Ivy find themselves in a Costa Verde prison, in their undies, being brutalized by butch guards. Soon, President Ceballos summons them to his estate. However, Ivy uses her powers of persuasion to force the dictator to allow them to continue their search for the zombie root. In the jungle, Harley and Ivy battle a pair of “high-tech mercenaries hired to threaten protestors” making a stand against loggers. Ivy gets her zombie root, takes a minute to have sex with the jungle, and persuades President Ceballos to “guarantee the future preservation of his country’s rainforests.” Batman, however, isn’t fooled.

Favorite scene: Harley and Ivy are stopped by the mercenaries. “We’ve been hired to clear this hellhole and we don’t take kindly to trespassers,” one of them warns. “Not even cute ones like us?” Harley grins.


Harley and Ivy in Their Undies! Part Two

Batman: Harley and Ivy #3 (of 3): Hooray for Harleywood!. Back in the States, Harley and Ivy are relaxing in their apartment, in their undies. Harley zones out on cartoons, while Ivy busts her butt on the zombie root formula. However, they’re almost out of money. When Harley learns that a movie is being made about them, they go to Hollywood and take over the production in order to “run up the budget and skim millions off the top!” Harley becomes the director and films scene after scene of Batman getting blown up. Eventually, they must face Batman who has taken the place of the next actor playing him. The movie is released, becomes a hit; and Harley, in Arkham Asylum with Ivy again, makes plans for her next blockbuster.

Fantastic! Now, my Kindle Cloud Reader is stocked with two fun comics that I’ll return to now and again: Gotham Girls and Batman: Harley and Ivy! What should I download next? Another comic? A book? I don’t know!


Harley and Ivy by Ryoko-demon


A Secret For Two by Ryoko-demon


“Bring it on!”

Misfits (2009-13) is a British TV series that I’ve never seen. However, a simple search on the Internet for zombie cheerleaders led me, first, to Gatorshark vs. Zombie Cheerleaders, then to episode seven of Misfits’ third series in which the characters must save the world from zombie cheerleaders. I couldn’t resist. So, I went to Wikipedia, learned as much as I could about the series up to that episode, then watched the episode on Hulu. And, what a great episode it was! I’ll have to start a marathon of that show from the beginning at some point; but, for now, let’s talk about zombie cheerleaders. Well, first, let me summarize what I learned about Misfits


Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Lauren Socha, Iwan Rheon, Antonia Thomas, Joseph Gilgun

The first series (2009) focused on five troubled young adults who are sentenced to community service. They obtain supernatural powers after getting caught in a strange electrical storm. Kelly (Lauren Socha) gains telepathy, Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) can rewind time, Alisha (Antonia Thomas) can send people into a sexual frenzy, Simon (Iwan Rheon) can become invisible, and Nathan (Robert Sheehan) gets immortality. At the end of the second series (2010), Kelly, Curtis, Alisha, Simon and Nathan sell their powers to Seth (Matthew McNulty), who has the ability to transfer powers but can’t use any of them. At the beginning of series three (2011), Simon, Kelly, Alisha and Curtis buy new powers from Seth. Simon can see the future, Kelly gains knowledge of rocket science, Alisha can see through the eyes of others, and Curtis can change into a woman. Nathan doesn’t return and is replaced by Rudy (Joseph Gilgun), who can duplicate himself.


“Bring it on again!”

 OK, now we’re up to episode seven. Here’s a brief synopsis …

Seth acquires the power of resurrection which he has been searching for in order to resurrect his dead girlfriend Shannon (Charlene McKenna) despite being in a relationship with Kelly. Shannon died, one year before, of a drug overdose and Seth, a former drug dealer, feels responsible for the tragedy. He offers the power to Curtis in exchange for resurrecting Shannon. Curtis takes the deal because he got himself pregnant as a woman and can’t change back to a man. “Let’s go resurrect my dead girlfriend,” Seth says, then he and Curtis dig up Shannon’s coffin, and pry it open. Curtis uses his newly acquired power, soon, Shannon springs to life. “What the fuck is going on?” she demands. “Hi,” Seth offers in return. The next morning, Curtis, on his way to the community center, runs into an old woman whose cat, Mr. Miggles, was hit and killed by a car. He brings it back to life for her and she repays him with cake but makes him promise to return the tin. At the community center, Curtis finds Kelly, Alisha and Simon watching a squad of cheerleaders, six of ‘em, practicing in the gym. Rudy, however, has an aversion to cheerleaders because he once walked in on his father having sex with his mother who was dressed as a cheerleader. Later, Curtis returns the tin to the old woman but finds her, presumably dead, on the floor of her flat with Mr. Miggles eating her face. The cat hisses, then attacks Curtis who locks himself in the bathroom and calls his friends for help. Meanwhile, Seth breaks up with Kelly so that he can make things right with Shannon, who is adjusting to her new life. Kelly, Alisha and Simon, armed with hammers, and Rudy, armed with an ice cream cone, arrive at the old woman’s flat to kill the “crazy killer cat.” They capture Mr. Miggles but no one can muster the courage to kill him. The old woman gets up and startles them. Then she attacks Rudy. Curtis hits her in the head with a hammer and she falls dead, again. “It’s like a zombie film,” Simon observes, realizing that resurrecting dead things turns them into flesh-hungry zombies whose bites can infect others. They realize that Shannon will eventually turn and attack Seth. Kelly tries to warn Seth about Shannon but he scoffs at her. Meanwhile, Shannon has secretly been fighting the urge to feed – by eating Seth’s iguana. Kelly realizes that she’ll have to kill Shannon before she infects Seth; so she, Simon, Alisha and Curtis, armed with baseball bats, and Rudy, armed with a huge iron mallet, head to Seth’s flat. Seth hides Shannon in his neighbor’s flat, while the Misfits break into his. However, Shannon has already bitten Seth’s neighbor. He turns into a zombie and attacks Seth, but Shannon hits him in the head with an iron. The next day, Curtis, Simon, Alisha and Rudy draw straws to see who will have to kill Mr. Miggles which they brought to the community center in a carrier. Simon loses. However, the cat has escaped and bitten one of the cheerleaders. Hearing screams from the locker room, Rudy looks inside and finds that all six cheerleaders have become flesh-hungry zombies and are attacking each other. One of them jumps through a window onto Rudy, but, Curtis hits her with a baseball bat. She gets back up and Rudy taunts her before delivering the final blow. “Fucking cheerleaders,” he quips. “What the fuck is going on?” Kelly wonders, arriving at the scene. “Mr. Miggles got loose,” Simon tells her. “Might have infected… one or two cheerleaders,” Rudy lies. “Infected all of them,” Curtis says, glaring at Rudy. “All of them,” Rudy clarifies. “So, what we gonna do about the rest of ‘em?” Alisha wonders. “We kill them all,” Simon tells her. “If we don’t, the infection will spread. We’ll end up the sole survivors, locked in… the shopping center. That’s what happens,” he rationalizes. So, they split up to kill the other five zombie cheerleaders. Kelly kills one; while Alisha, with Simon, kills another that was bitten but hasn’t yet turned. “Still want me to dress up as a cheerleader for your birthday?” she wonders, after having told him earlier that she would. Curtis, Simon and Alisha kill two more while Rudy hides in the kitchen. The last one bites the community center’s new probation worker as she arrives on her first day. They all beat the cheerleader with their bats. “So, who’s gonna kill the probation worker?” Simon wonders. They draw straws. Rudy loses. Meanwhile, Shannon confronts Kelly but Seth steps in. “What’re you gonna do? You gonna kill me again?” Shannon snarls. “I’m sorry,” he says, then kills her again, proving his love for Kelly. Later, the Misfits celebrate their victory. “We did it. We stopped the zombies infecting everyone,” Simon declares, proudly. “What happened to Mr. Miggles?” Curtis wonders. “Oh, shit!” Alisha proclaims.

Best use of zombie cheerleaders in a British TV series ever!


“Oh, it’s already been brought-en!”


Gotham City Sirens (2014), Terrell Culbert‘s much anticipated fan film, is finally here! The film stars Leez Nikollaj as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, model/actress Kelly Kirstein as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy and Kristina Martin as Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn. With Brian Rohe as Hush and Terence Cover as Edward Nigma/The Riddler.

Catwoman meets with supervillain Hush who needs a good team of thieves. He offers her, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn a job. However, she is reluctant to take it, so he gives her one week to decide if she wants it. Meanwhile, after a deal with The Riddler goes bad due to Harley’s psychotic behavior, Ivy turns on Catwoman because of her conscience forcing Catwoman to re-evaluate her “new surrogate family.” Watch the film here …

I love this film! Terrell Culbert has certainly outdone himself, delivering much more than I ever expected. The beauty of Gotham City Sirens is in the sirens themselves. His dark interpretation of those characters is brought to life by a fantastic trio of talented aspiring actresses. Leez Nikollaj sharpened her claws as Gotham’s feline fatale in Culbert‘s previous short The Catwoman (2013). She’s back with a vengeance, and a sexier costume! Hopefully, Catwoman will spring into action in the next installment. Kristina Martin plays Harley Quinn as the little bag of crazy that she is, not a silly sidekick. Culbert said that he “wanted to use the Harley’s revenge look from the popular Arkham City video game.” Good choice. I love when she snaps in this film! However, Gotham City Sirens‘ biggest treat is Kelly Kirstein. She is, dare I say it, stunning as the “cold-hearted and calculating” Poison Ivy. Kirstein is an amazingly beautiful woman, and she delivers one of the best portrayals of Poison Ivy I’ve ever seen.


Poison Ivy (Kelly Kirstein), Catwoman (Leez Nikollaj), Harley Quinn (Kristina Martin)

Culbert said: “While this short could easily be a feature film, I also thought it could be a cool Machinima mini series!” I would love to see a web series or, at the least, a second installment since the film is basically just a prelude.

Terrell Culbert is, without doubt, a very talented ameteur filmmaker. Check out his Breathe Again Entertainment Youtube channel for more proof. Also, check out his wonderful short Love Letter (2014) on Vimeo. This delightfully touching film, sans super heroes, was written and directed by Culbert, and stars Taylor Alexa Frank and the voice of Michael Julius Saunders. Keep your eye on this filmmaker!


Gotham Girls issues #1-5 [covers by Shane Glines]

Gotham Girls (2003) was a 5-issue comic mini-series produced by DC Comics. The comic was based on the Flash animation series (2000-02) of the same name, and, as such, was set in the DC Animated Universe. Gotham Girls was written by Paul Storrie, with Jennifer Graves (Penciller) and J. Bone (Inker). Jennifer Graves co-created, pencilled and inked DC Comics’ Bad Girls. J. Bone also inked that comic.

I found that the 5 issues of Gotham Girls were available on Amazon in a Kindle editions. However, I don’t have a Kindle, or a tablet, or a smart phone. So, I downloaded the free Kindle Cloud Reader, and purchased all 5 issues for a whopping $0.99 per issue. More than $4.95 worth of delightful fun ensued. Shipping was free!

Each issue of Gotham Girls focuses, primarily, on one character [Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Det. Renee Montoya, and Batgirl], but, all issues are connected by a single story arc in which Catwoman, Ivy and Harley fight over a vial of chemicals, while Batgirl and Det. Montoya attempt to apprehend them. The wonderful artwork is inspired by the Flash animation series, but, with a more vibrant retro coolness. As far as cartoony comic art goes, Gotham Girls is definitely one of my favorites.


“She was born Selina Kyle… but when she became Catwoman, she was reborn.”

Gotham Girls #1 (of 5): Cat’s Paw. Catwoman breaks into Zehn Chemical and steals a vial. Batgirl appears and tries to stop her, but Catwoman flees. Batgirl chases her through the streets and rooftops of Gotham City. Det. Renee Montoya arrives at the scene and questions Dr. Yurkovich who tells her that Catwoman stole experimental fertilizer. Catwoman eventually evades Batgirl, and goes to an empty warehouse to meet with the man who hired her, Schneider. However, she finds that Poison Ivy is actually behind the caper, with Harley Quinn in tow.

Catwoman sums up the events of issue #1, succinctly, at the beginning of issue #2 …

First you send a drugged guy to dupe me into stealing this formula, then you tell me I’m not getting paid, and, to top it all off, your loony tunes gal pal smacks me with a mallet… and you think I’m gonna cooperate? Girl, you’re nuts!


“The name on her birth certificate is Pamela Lillian Isley. The name on her rap sheet suits her better… Posion Ivy.”

Gotham Girls #2 (of 5): Ivy League. Poison Ivy tells Catwoman that Zehn Chemical stole what’s in the vial from her. She tries to convince Catwoman that they should be working together, that they’re kindred spirits, but, Catwoman just wants to get paid. Then, Batgirl crashes the party. Across town, Schneider tells Det. Montoya about the “knockout redhead” he bumped into at a cafe. Back at the warehouse, Batgirl takes the vial from Catwoman but Ivy tries to reason with her. She tells Batgirl that she trusted Dr. Yurkovich once, and gave him the formula, but, he took it to Zehn Chemical and claimed it as his own discovery to revolutionize farming. However, if Zhen uses the formula, the devastation will be enormous. Batgirl would rather check out Ivy’s story first and flees. Ivy stops her in Robinson Park and Harley takes the formula.


“Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Harley Quinn. A rose by any other name… would still be crazy.”

Gotham Girls #3 (of 5): Harlequinade. Catwoman returns, and Ivy tells Harley to take the vial and get out. She obeys and Catwoman chases after her, while Batgirl restrains Ivy. Meanwhile, Det. Montoya talks to the waitress at the cafe where Ivy and Harley first met with Schneider. Harley manages to tie Catwoman and Batgirl‘s hands together, then retreats with Ivy and the formula to Ivy‘s lair. Catwoman convinces Batgirl that they need to work together to free themselves, but, when they do, Catwoman double-crosses her. Later, Det. Montoya drops by Ivy‘s lair, unannounced.

Det. Montoya sums up Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, succinctly, at the beginning of issue #4 …

They’re two of the worst, Harleen Quinzel and Pamela Isley. A nutcase in love with The Joker… and a freak who cares more about plants than people.


“Being a cop in Gotham isn’t easy… My name is Renee Montoya.”

Gotham Girls #4 (of 5): I Carry a Badge!. Det. Montoya, following the trail, drops in on Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn at Ivy‘s lair to arrest them. However, when they realize she’s alone, Ivy apprehends her. Soon, Batgirl arrives and frees Montoya, ending up in a Gotham stand-off against Ivy and Harley. Then, Catwoman appears and takes off with the vial. Ivy and Harley chase after her. Batgirl and Det. Montoya decide to work together. They follow a tracer that Batgirl put on Harley, and find her and Ivy fighting Catwoman on a rooftop. Harley throws an exploding cigar down on Montoya‘s car. “Okay. We’ll do this the hard way,” Batgirl tells Montoya.


“She’s tired, she’s angry and she’s hurting. Anyone else would quit now. Batgirl is just getting started.”

Gotham Girls #5 (of 5): Bat Attitude. Catwoman drops down to the street, followed by Harley, then Ivy, and the fight for the vial continues. Batgirl apprehends Harley, but Catwoman and Poison Ivy flee the scene. Batgirl and Det. Montoya follow the trail to Dr. Yurovich’s house where they find a vengeful Ivy. “One step closer and I swear I’ll kiss him!” she threatens. However, Batgirl and Montoya save Yurkovich and arrest Ivy. Next, the crime-fighting duo, on a hunch, find Catwoman in a warehouse attempting to sell Ivy‘s formula to Schneider. Batgirl apprehends Catwoman and recovers the vial. In the epilogue, Barbara Gordon is relaxing after the long day when her father stops by and offers to take her out on the town. “You could use a little excitement in your life!” he tells her. Barbara winks at us.

Does that epilogue sound familiar? If not, watch the “Bat’ing Cleanup” episode of the Flash animation series.

I love this comic! It’s filled with pages and pages of action-packed retro fun! But, each character’s psyche, which drives them through the story, is also explored in more detail: Catwoman‘s love of danger, Poison Ivy‘s need to protect the environment, Harley Quinn‘s need to be loved (by Ivy and The Joker), Batgirl‘s compassion for the criminals she chases, and Det. Renee Montoya‘s need to prove herself to her family who didn’t want her to become a cop. I think my favorite part of Gotham Girls is when Batgirl and Montoya join forces. They make a great crime-fighting duo! Gotham Girls, the comic, is an awesome extension of Gotham Girls, the Flash animation series. Oh, and the cover art by Shane Glines is an added retro bonus.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn returned for more capers together in the 3-issue mini-series, Batman: Harley and Ivy (2004). Catwoman doesn’t actually join forces with Ivy and Harley in Gotham Girls, but, in the grittier 26-issue series Gotham City Sirens (2009-11), she does. Issues #1-13 of Gotham City Sirens were recently re-published in TBP format as Book One (2014), but, I’m waiting for Book Two (2015) before I do a post; so, next up, for me, is Batman: Harley and Ivy, whose 3 issues I downloaded into my Kindle Cloud Reader.


Gotham Girls by GrangeAir [Sefora as Posion IvyGrangeAir as Harley Quinn]


Liz Katz as Catwoman

Meet my new favorite cosplayer! Her name is Liz Katz. She calls herself “adorkable”. I love that! She describes herself in more detail as: “Actress, model, writer, artist and muse. Silly, snarky, eccentric, part time flake, and all around feisty lil’ firecracker. Whether hero or villain Liz Katz is still pretty super.” Her wonderful website is filled with plenty of sexy cosplays, risqué photo shoots, videos, blogs, vlogs, gaming news, reviews, fitness tips, and various other extras like her wall of shame in which she showcases haters and creepers. Here’s some of my favorite Liz Katz cosplays …

First, here’s more lovely shots of Katz as Catwoman


Liz Katz as Catwoman (again!)

Next, here’s Katz as Tiffa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII


Liz Katz as Tiffa Lockhart

Finally, here’s Katz as the sexiest Lara Croft ever …


Liz Katz as Lara Croft

Check out more of her awesome work on Facebook, deviantART and Youtube.

Liz Katz [IMDb] has appeared in a number of films by prolific ameteur filmmaker Sam Macaroni [IMDb]. She even co-wrote the post-apocalyptic action short Wastelander (2012) with him. She stars with Macaroni as a couple who fight for survival in a barren wasteland six months after the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Katz looks amazing, and she kicks ass. Watch the short here …

Katz also looks amazing and kicks ass in Macaroni‘s martial arts mini-epic The Legend of Stick (2012), also starring Xin Wuku the Urban Ninja and SuperEd86. Who needs a plot and character development when you can have non-stop stick fighting action and Liz Katz thrusting fireballs from her palms? I don’t need much more. Watch this awesome film here …

I love when the pretty little thief (Katz) holds her hands out as the swordsman swings his blade down and, unintentionally, frees her bound hands after which she forms and thrusts a fireball at him, incinerating his body. Oh, and I love when Stick (Macaroni) gets angry, forms a huge fireball, and hits it like a baseball with his stick. I’d love to see more films set in this mystical world. And, more of that pretty little thief!

Katz appears as Catwoman in Macaroni‘s funny super hero rap video Batman: The Creep Cusader (2013) in which Batman (Sam Macaroni) kicks it with The Joker (Steve-O of Jackass fame) on the dark side. Catwoman sings the song’s chorus. The track ends with some Rhianna-inspired “eh, eh, eh’s”. Watch the video here …

I love the song’s lyrics! “Because we both like masks / And like driving real fast / And we’re both too scared to talk about / Our dark and tortured pasts.” And, I love that the theme from campy ’60s TV series is used as used as the song’s driving rhythm under the beats. Oh, and I love Katz as Catwoman. She’s a good singer, too!

Liz Katz plays Agent Firecracker in Macaroni‘s Guns & Gadgets: The Extractor (2012) and Battle Hawk: The Extractor (2012), which are the 2nd and 3rd installments of a series. I would love to see those films, but, the videos are private, as are several other Macaroni shorts. However, you can watch the first installment of The Extractor (2012), sans Liz Katz.

Katz also appears in The Boss: Head Count (2013), the third installment of another Macaroni series, but, that video is also private. However, you can watch a making-of featurette, with Liz Katz; as well as the first two installments of that high-octane action-fest, The Boss (2011) and The Boss 2: More Boss Than Ever (2011), sans Liz Katz. You can also check out Macaroni‘s awesome car chase extravaganza Epic Derby Baby! (2011). It’s like no car chase you’ve ever seen before. Anyway …

Several of the credits listed for Liz Katz on IMDb are [or aren’t] from her former life under a different name, but, I don’t care about that. I like what Liz Katz is doing now. I want to see more sexy cosplays, more (tastefully) risqué photo shoots, and more action films! Oh, and more Catwoman!


Liz Katz as Catwoman (one more time!)


“Sometimes when hot girls make out …it’s evil!”

Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space is an upcoming creator-owned comic in which “a porn-savvy video clerk teams up with a lesbian of mediocre in order to stop the lesbian zombie apocalypse!” This “limited-release, full-color zom-com” was funded by creator Jave Galt-Miller via a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign; and, once again, I am the last to know! Check out this more detailed synopsis …

Ace Johnson is a regular guy. He manages a mom-and-pop video store, and he likes porn. Gwen Moffett is a lesbian of mediocre looks. She’s not too successful with the ladies, and she hates guys who like porn. But when a mysterious Space Queen crash lands in the woods, the town’s women start turning into lesbian zombies, and these unlikely heroes are the only ones left to stop the apocalypse.

The first issue is nearly complete, and I can’t wait to read it!

Left 4 Dead - Impulse 76 Fan Film

I’m not a gamer. I would love to play video games (especially of the survival horror variety), but, I have too many other obsessions. I do like some movies based on video games. A good movie based on a video game is one that can be enjoyed by someone who doesn’t play the video game. Resident Evil (2002) is a good movie based on a video game. OneChanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (2008) is another.

Airsoft GI‘s Left 4 Dead – Impulse 76 is a fan film inspired by the survival horror first-person shooter video game, Left 4 Dead. The 9-minute film was directed and edited by Adrian Picardi, and stars Alexandra Mathews as college student Zoey, William Catlett as IT analyst Louis, and Dave Williams as outlaw biker Francis. Left 4 Dead – Impulse 76 is light on plot and character development (unless you’ve played the game), but, heavy on bad-ass zombie killing action! Watch this cool film here …