“Science created them. Mankind will fear them. Men will want to date them.”


Fiend Fatale is an epic horror-adventure film, about five sisters, a vampire, zombie, werewolf, demon and mermaid, cloned from the DNA of extinct monsters, thrust into the modern world and facing off against the government, terrorists and themselves.

Fiend Fatale is new project in development by Abyssmal Entertainment. It was [or will be?] written and directed by the wonderful genius that is Abyssmal‘s founder Steven Shea! The project “is currently seeking financing, and being shopped around to different studios, executives and financiers.” In Fiend FataleShea and Abyssma“have created a brand that contains a proof-of-concept short film, comic book, video game app, as well as possibilities for a television series and sequel potentials.” I am excited for all of those things!


In addition, the soundtrack will consist of popular rock, punk and pop bands for cross promotion. The first band on board is Dallas, TX-based “hellbilly/horror/cowpunk” Ghoultown, whose music sounds like it’s from the soundtrack to a spaghetti western/horror film. Listen to the tale told in “Drink With The Living Dead“.

Watch the Fiend Fatale concept trailer here …

Ooh, that bitchy werewolf makes me howl! And, that gamer demon is so hot! They all are! Those lovely fiend fatales are Nicole Hampton (Lorelei the Mermaid), Amber Sym (Mia the Demon), Lauren Kisner (Alex the Werewolf), Ansley Gordon (Anne the Vampire), and Amber Freeman (Shelly the Zombie).

Watch the Fiend Fatale proof-of-concept short film here …

Amber Sym (Mia the Demon), by the way, was the sexy host of a cool web series called Florida in the Shadows (2013) in which she played scantily-clad Countessa Lenore, “a modern Elvira”,  who was sent “to haunted locations in Central Florida to out the folklore, and legends, and put fear in its place once, and for all!” Check out the YouTube channel here. Highly recommended! The web series, created by filmmaker Bruce Wood, is being revived as America in the Shadows after being successfully funded via Kickstarter.


Amber Sym as Countessa Lenore

Anyway, I will be following Steven Shea‘s Fiend Fatale project very closely, as well as checking out more good stuff from his Abyssmal Entertainment!


Fiend Fatale concept poster


Rockabilly Zombie Queen by EryckWwebbGraphics

Eryck Webb Graphics (EWG) is “a commission based graphic art business providing a variety of illustration and graphic design services!” This awesome piece is a “personal work to be used in Zombie Art book published in UK.” He says that it’s best viewed while listening to Rockabilly Zombie by The Straight 8s. I say it’s best while listening to Dial Z. for Zombies by Mad Marge and the Stonecutters.


“In a town overrun with zombies, vampires, and a melting mad scientist with plans for an impending alien invasion, it’s up to a select few to try and keep order.”

Doomsday County (2010), released by Troma Entertainment in 2013, is a grindhouse-inspired anthology film centered around a fictional region known as Doomsday County. Troma is known not only for producing it’s own low-budget features but also for acquiring and distributing other filmmakers’ low-budget features. Doomsday County is of the latter, and it’s one of Troma‘s best acquisitions. The movie consists of four short films that are not separate stories but different sides of the same story which all come together in the wild finale. This film, with its crazy blend of sci-fi, horror and comedy would be perfect for a double feature with Matt Niehoff and Brian Cunningham‘s Overtime (2012). Doomsday County, like Overtime, delivers aliens, zombies, and a whole lot of unashamed B-movie fun!

In the brief intro “Vampire Academy”, co-written and directed by Art Brainard, a few hungry dorm residents order a pizza via delivery. But, the pizza guy should have known that the students were vampires when they requested to hold the garlic on their order.

In “Xenombies”, written and directed by Shawn Haran, the advanced lighting class at Doomsday Tech is exposed to the poisonous gases inside of a xenon light bulb and becomes zombies. “It’s my time to shine,” grins teacher Eddie Tapia (Paul Petrus), after one of his students alerts him via video text message. But, why does Eddie fight zombies with wooden stakes? Watch the trailer for this segment here.

In “The Curse Of Dr Mongoo”, written and directed by Joe Badiali, eccentric scientist Dr. Mongoo (John Archer Lundgren) creates a virus to take over the world, and detectives Montgomery Kilgore (Mike Santi) and PT Chops (Paul Alessi) try their best to stop the violent outbreak. The twin Doomsday 6 reporters Patricia & Patty Watts (Leslie & Lauren Ousley) are just delightful! Watch the trailer for this segment here.


Tara Lightfoot in Doomsday County (2010)

In the final [and best!] segment “Betty Beretta”, co-written and directed by Steven Shea, Dr. Mongoo is working with Nepto and his small band of renegade aliens to create a new virus, and “The Agency” is forced to call in secret agent Betty Beretta (Tara Lightfoot). Beretta is a lesbian rock star/model, who rocks with her band Bananaclips at night and saves the world by day! She is as skilled at throwing sarcastic barbs as she is in shooting guns and kicking ass. “Evenin’, boys. I may be knockin’ at your door… but I ain’t sellin’ cookies!” she quips, as she confronts some alien thugs and retrieves the virus. However …

When The Agency is taken over by Nepto, who has more of the deadly virus on his spaceship, Betty is forced to call for backup in Eddie Tapia [from segment #2], and Montgomery and Chops [from segment #3]! She’s also joined by Agent Sykes (Gabriel Tyner), who is a vampire [presumably from segment #1] and has enlisted his own fanged backup! However …

When Sykes tells Betty that they must destroy the rest of the virus, she really gets pissed off because Nepto has kidnapped her girfriend Dr. Sam Hedrick (Amber Freeman) and taken her to his ship! “Listen, when I woke up this morning, I did not have ‘destroy invading aliens, kill my girlfriend and save the planet’ on my to-do list! Ain’t gonna happen!” she snarls. Betty, of course, saves Sam and the world, while I save Betty for my dreams!

The final segment is the best, for sure, but it really just makes a good movie even better. I love how Nepto communicates by using dead humans as ventriloquist dummies, like the Klown uses Officer Mooney (John Vernon) in Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988). It’s very creepy. Oh, and I love the scene where one of the vampires finds one of Eddie’s stakes. He glances at Eddie from across the room, and Eddie shrugs his shoulders. Very funny. “Enjoy it while it lasts because… I’m just getting started!” Dr. Mongoo warns as the credits roll, so maybe someday we’ll see a sequel!

Watch the trailer for Doomsday County here …

Now, watch the entire movie via Tromamovies [for free!] right here.

Tara Lightfoot (aka Betty Beretta) is, in fact, a rock star/model and, obviously, an actress. However, I am not sure of her sexual preference. She is the frontwoman (vocals/guitar) of the Orlando, FL-based alternative rock band A Brilliant Lie with, currently, Zachary Teman (bass), Chris Lane (drums), Jason Lemrond (guitar/keys), and Matthew Movens (guitar/vocals). The band sounds like Paramore meets Foo Fighters. Betty Beretta’s band Bananaclips in Doomsday County is a previous line-up of A Brilliant Lie. The song they perform is Death Don’t Pony Up For Gas from their debut EP Regarding Harry Lime (2011). Watch the video for A Brilliant Lie‘s single “Red Eyes (of Thoughts Awry)” from their second EP Waking Vessels (2013) here …

The video was directed by Steven Shea [who co-wrote and directed the "Betty Beretta" segment] of Abyssmal Entertainment [who produced Doomsday County]. Shea previously directed Tara Lightfoot in the excellent [R-rated] short horror film 2:22 (2009).

After an incredible night out with her girlfriends, Vickie Palmer is wrenched from her peaceful slumber and cast mercilessly into a world spinning out of control. Writhing half naked on the cold porcelain tile of her bathrom floor, Vickie desperately tries to piece together the tragic turn of events that has twisted her once carefree life into a nightmare of pain and suffering. But when she discovers the truth, will it be too late to save her from eternal damnation?

Watch the film here …

Abyssmal Entertainment, by the way, is “an Orlando, FL-based multi-media company founded in 2002 by Steven Shea, with the aspirations of making an impact on the independent film market.” Well, they’ve made an impact on me! Expect more posts about Abyssmal‘s good stuff!


When Cherry Skye, star jammer for a local roller derby team, unwittingly unleashes a demon killer from hell all… er… hell breaks loose. Skye and her teammates must skate not just for their lives, but to save their very souls. Stop screaming. Keep skating. It’s not a game anymore.

Daniel Armstrong‘s MurderDrome (2013) is a no-budget Australian feature that proudly proclaims itself as “The World’s First Roller Derby Slasher Film!” Who am I to argue with that? Ryan Nicholson‘s tasteless (but wonderfully so) Gutterballs (2008) was a bowling horror/slasher film, but, I don’t know of any other roller derby horror/slasher films out there. However, I do know that MurderDrome is my new favorite movie of 2014 (even though it was actually released in 2013)! This quirky, charmingly fun B-movie, starring a cast of real Aussie derby girls, delivers action, horror, comedy, a little bit of romance, and a whole lot of roller skating. In addition, the film rocks with an awesome punk/psychobilly soundtrack!

MurderDrome was “written, produced, directed and edited” by Daniel Armstrong for his Melbourne-based “conglom of filmmaking Carneys” Strongman Pictures. The film was, apparently, intended to be a web series, and was “shot on a budget that wouldn’t buy you a used car… recorded with domestic stills cameras,” and “lit by one and a half battery powered lights, or sometimes the crews’ car headlights.” He admits that MurderDrome “isn’t perfect,” but, I disagree. It is. Or, at the very least, it’s a nearly perfect B-movie.

So, what exactly is roller derby? Well, according to Wikipedia, roller derby is “a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track. Game play consists of a series of short matchups (“jams”) in which both teams designate a scoring player (the “jammer”) who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams attempt to assist their own jammer while hindering the opposing jammer—in effect, playing both offense and defense simultaneously.” Simple enough. Here in Cleveland, OH, we have the Burning River Roller Girls, who are “Cleveland’s first all-female, skater-owned, flat-track derby league.” I’ve been meaning to check them out for quite some time. Their name, by the way, is a reference to the fact that our Cuyahoga River has caught fire (on more than one occasion).

First, the movie  …


MurderDrome opens with a “jam” between The Alamos and their rivals The Warriors. Cherry Skye (Amber Sajben), The Alamos’ star jammer, wins the match for her team. Post-victory, Skye celebrates with her teammates, Trans Em (Kat Anderson), Psych (Cyndi Lawbreaker), Thrusty P Elvis (Gerry Mahoney), and Daisy Duke Nuke ‘Em (Laura Soall); and, her new love interest Brad (Jake Brown), much to the dismay of awkward Brad’s ex-girlfriend Hell Grazer (Rachael Blackwood), a player for The Warriors and a real mean bitch.

“He doesn’t move on until I’m okay with him moving on!” Hell snarls, flanked by her teammates, Princess Bitchface (Daisy Masterman) and Clit Eastwards (Dana Seville). “Who wrote the rules?” Bitchface wonders. “They’re Hell’s rules!” Hell retorts. She is also pissed off because she thinks Skye looks way too adorable in her cat-eared hoodie tank top. No, wait – that’s me who thinks Skye looks way too adorable! Hell is pissed off that Skye is wearing a pendant that Brad gave to her as a good luck charm. However, the charm brings only bad luck …

Later, after Daisy Duke Nuke ‘Em and Brad’s friend Squids (Tommy Hellfire) are killed by a masked derby girl wielding a grappling hook and a meat cleaver connected by a chain, the mysterious Janitor (Max Marchione) tells Skye that she has awakened Momma Skate (B on the Rocks) who has returned to claim the pendant, or “leech”, and take Skye’s soul. Skye’s only hope is to take it back to the MurderDrome and, as the sun rises, send it to Hell.

Skye learns, via the internet, that, 20 years ago, Momma Skate was the star attraction at the MurderDrome before she went psycho and killed  a bunch of people. Rumors tell that some of the other players [Amber Sajben (as Bust Up Bambi), Pepper Minx, Demonique Deluxe, and Mary Poppinskulls] resorted to a Satanic ritual and witchcraft to send Momma Skate to Hell. Then, the MurderDrome vanished.

“Tick-tock. Almost dawn. Momma Skate will be reborn,” chants The Janitor.

However, to make matters worse, Hell [Brad's ex, not The Pit of Doom] takes Skye’s pendant, and Skye punches her in the face, pissing her off even more. Now, Skye must avoid Hell’s wrath, retrieve the pendant and send Momma Skate back to Hell [The Pit of Doom, not Brad's ex] before she takes Skye’s soul. But, first, Skye and Brad will have to try and stop Momma Skate from killing off their friends (and Hell), one by one, before the MurderDrome re-appears for Skye’s explosive final showdown.

“I wasn’t doing anything except having the rest of my life in front of me, anyway,” Trans Em quips, Daria-style, when asked by Skye if she’s in to help her send the vengeful derby girl back to Hell.


MurderDrome is, if nothing else, the best roller derby slasher film ever made! Sure, the plot is somewhat confusing, the characters aren’t well-drawn, and, the acting isn’t top-notch, but, yet, it all works. The movie looks fantastic, and it has undeniable charm. Amber Sajben, in fact, is big part of that charm. She is sooo adorable as Cherry Skye! I love when she cuddles up to awkward Brad, like a kitten, on the couch in her flat. She’s kind of scary, too, as Bust Up Bambi. My only problem with MurderDrome is that Amber Sajben doesn’t wear the outfit that she wears in the promotional artwork, in the movie! Oh, and why doesn’t anybody in this movie obey the last rule on the list of rules posted by the exit? It says: “Do not wear skates when entering / leaving the building.”

I L-O-V-E this movie! Watch the trailer here …

Next, the music …

MurderDrome‘s opening “jam” sequence is accompanied by an extended mix of “Stand Off” by Sydney’s all-female “indie/dark edge/punk/wave” trio The Dark Shadows. They are Brigitte Handley (vocals, guitar), Carly Chalker (bass, vocals) and Nerida Wu (drums, vocals). The excellent “Stand Off” is from the album Darkness Calls (2009), which is a compilation of two previously released EPs. Watch the video for “Stand Off”, produced by Strongman Pictures (with clips from the film), here …

The Dark Shadows are the only band from the soundtrack whose album was in my music library before I watched the movie. However, I quickly added music from the rest of the bands I heard as I watched. So, let me tell you about three of my favorites (other than The Dark Shadows, of course)!

First, The Mercy Kills

The Mercy Kills are a “rock/grunge/sleaze-punk” band from Melbourne. They are Mark Entwistle (vox/guitar), Jen X Costello (bass/vox), Nathalie Gelle (guitar/vox), and Josh Black (drums). If you like to listen to the Ramones, the Stooges, Nirvana, Mötley Crüe, and Guns N’ Roses all at once, then The Mercy Kills is your band! “Can’t Stop” [from the EP Say You Do (2012)] is heard in MurderDrome. Watch the video, produced by Strongman Pictures (for the DVD release), here …

And, watch the Strongman-produced video for “Don’t Give it up” [from the album Happy to Kill You (2013)] in the WHAT THE FLOCK FOR? mix (to promote the MurderDrome DVD) or just the song, or watch these cool “TMK vs MURDERDROME” teasers: Barbike!, Flowergasm, Muffins!, Porno Dave (Lee Roth), and DOOOOOD Eat a Snickers. “Rain”, “Save” and “Happy To Kill You” are other favorites from Happy to Kill You, while “Waiting On You” is a favorite from Say You Do. Check out their debut EP Mercy Killers (2006), too.

Next, Bone Rattlers

Bone Rattlers are a “punk/rock/rockabilly” trio from Hobart (Tasmania). They are Mick Paine (guitar, vocals), Daniel Bastin (drums, vocals) and Rotten Rob (upright bass). Ballad of a Murdering Son of a Bitch and “Nightmares” [both from the album 13 To Life (2009)] are heard in MurderDrome. Other good tracks from the album are “13 Nights”, “Dragstrip Queen” and, especially, “Time to Kill” (which has this great line “I got time to kill tonight, if you got time to die!”). They sound like a less frenetic version of The Amazing [Royal] Crowns who are, quite possibly, one of my favorite punkabilly bands ever.

Finally, The Jacks

The Jacks are a “rock ‘n’ roll” trio from Melbourne. They are Hayden ‘JungleJim’ Smith (vocals/guitar), Diamond Dave Davidson (bass) and Simmo (drums). Juicehead and the high-octane instro “Ricki the Noose” [both from the 3-song EP Double Feature (2012)] are heard in the movie, and the band even appears performing live. Their most obvious inspiration is Social Distortion, and The Ghost of a Crying Shame [from the EP] is one of the best songs that Mike Ness never wrote!

Awesome movie!  Excellent soundtrack!

Daniel Armstrong, needless to say, is my new favorite B-movie filmmaker! His follow-up to MurderDrome is set, this time, in the world of women wrestlers. With zombies. It’s called From Parts Unknown : Fight Like A Girl and it’s been 7 years in the making! Watch the trailer here …

The film stars UK-based singer Jenna Dwyer who has recorded some songs with videos, produced by Strongman Pictures, to promote the film which will premiere January 10, 2015, but, I’ll throw it all together in another post after I see the movie because I’m sure I’ll love it! So, until then, if you need zombies, watch Daniel Armstrong‘s short zombie film Z3D5 here …

“You should never let the plot get in the way of a good zombie apocalypse,” Armstrong says. If you think so, then, like me, you also love this short zombie film Alice In Zombieland directed by Daniel Armstrong and produced by Strongman Pictures in association with Australian “hardcore metal hip hop” artists KidCrusher


Amber Gokken and Sascha Raeburn in Lesbian Western (2013)

A lone, female ‘gunslinger’ wanders into a domestic abuse situation -and all hell breaks loose!!! In the tradition of Eastwood’s “man with no name”; Leone’s “spaghetti westerns”; and Peckinpaw’s epics… A new twist is brought to an old story: the Lesbian-Western is born!!!

Lesbian Western (2013) is a short film written and directed by Shane Borza. It stars Amber Gokken as The Hero, Sascha Raeburn as The Girl, Alex Jewson as The Villain, and Nikki Waterhouse as The Junkie. Watch Trailer 1 or Trailer 2, or just watch the 20-minute film right here …

OK, I’m not sure that I love this movie, but, I definitely like it. I do love the idea of a “lesbian western” particularly of the spaghetti-esque variety. I would like this movie more if its budget had allowed for more traditional western elements, like horses, gunfights, etc. And, I would love it if the plot and characters were more fully developed. I wanted to see The Hero rescue The Girl and run off with her to a different location where we could learn more about them. Then, as The Villain, with The Junkie in tow, chases after them in search of retribution we could learn more about them. Budget constraints – I know. However, despite those constraints, the film is shot well and is very well-acted. I really love the sepia tones as well as the soundtrack music. Now, I don’t know if this film is actually supposed to be taking place in the Old West or not; but, if it is, some things are out of place, like the 2-liter bottle, The Junkie’s underwear, spray-painted graffiti on the walls, etc. I like the idea of mixing contemporary with historical [without explanation], but, I don’t think the mix is intentional in this film if it is, in fact, set in the Old West. But, as it is, I like this film. I could love it if it were expanded. Maybe Borza will do so someday.

Now, what I like most about this film is the beautiful Amber Gokken!


Amber Gokken: Beauty.

Amber Gokken, from New South Wales, Australia, played a Priestess in The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003). I wouldn’t know. The Matrix (1999) was a brilliant, ground-breaking film, and I don’t care much for its inferior sequels. Gokken stars next in Shane Borza‘s upcoming feature Turbines (2015?). She is also “a trained martial artist in Arnis/Kali, fighting with sticks, bladed weapons and hand-to-hand combat, and kickboxing.” She is beautiful and, apparently, bad-ass, too!


Amber Gokken: Badass.

Watch Amber Gokken‘s showreel here …

She looks amazing in that first clip in black with all that blue!


The Venomous Pinks are an all-girl punk trio hailing from Phoenix, AZ. They are Drea Doll (guitar/vocals), Gaby Kaos (guitar/bass/vocals) and Jewlz (drums/vocals). The Venomous Pinks, they say, are “influenced by Joan Jett and The Ramones“. I say they sound like The Runaways (circa 1977) meet The Donnas (circa 1999) fronted by Brody Dalle (circa 2003). They recently released their 2nd EP Exes & Whoas! (featuring guest vocals by Roger Miret of Agnostic Front on 2 tracks) and are currently my new favorite band of the week!

The Venomous Pinks‘ debut EP Three In the Pink was released in 2013, and features 5 great tracks that mix hard rock with punk. “Fight Tonight” and “Leather” sound like they’re straight off The Donnas‘ Get Skintight (1999), while “Don’t Look Back” recalls (less sludgy) Paranoid-era Black Sabbath, “Mantis” kicks out classic hardcore, and “No Rules” rocks little mid-tempo pop/punk. Excellent debut, but …

Exes & Whoas! is even better! Great title, awesome cover. On their latest EP, The Venomous Pinks‘ sound like the Southwestern sisters of L.A.’s Civet, who also mesh together all of those same influences. “Never Say Never” and “Do You Wanna?” are the 2 tracks featuring Roger Miret. Both are hardcore punk rockers that wouldn’t be out of place on a mix with some of Agnostic Front‘s best. “I Really Don’t Care” is catchy pop/punker, while “No No No” is like Betty Blowtorch [whom the band also cites as an influence] meets The Go-Go’s and that sounds amazing! However, “Can We Go?” is, for right now, my favorite track on Exes & Whoas! – but that will change I’m sure! That song will fit perfectly right after Civet‘s “Love & War” on my femme fatale punk rock mix! OK, ladies – I am definitely ready for a full album! Until then, let’s watch the video for “Never Say Never” here …

Next, let’s watch The Venomous Pinks‘ teaser clip for the upcoming video for “Can We Go?” …

Oh, and like Joan Jett who covered [quite awesomely!] the theme song for The Mary Tyler Moore Show (“Love Is All Around“), The Venomous Pinks add a punky touch to the theme song for Laverne & Shirley. I downloaded that track from their website a few months back but, now, I can’t find it anywhere. They also cover Hall & Oates“Maneater”. You can download that one for free at Bandcamp. Buy their two EPs while you’re there.



PMS Cop (2014) is a low-budget action/slasher film inspired by the ’80s-early ’90s psychotic cop craze, but, with a feminine twist. The craze began with the 1988 cult classic Maniac Cop which starred giant-jawed Robert Z’Dar as Matthew Cordell, the vengeful undead police officer. It was followed by two sequels: Maniac Cop 2 (1990) and Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence (1993). Chris .R. Notarile recently tried to resurrect the franchise by tempting potential investors with Maniac Cop (Promo Fan Film) (2008) and Maniac Cop (Promo Short) (2009). Other “cop” films included the very bad Zombie Cop (1991) and Troma‘s not so bad Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1990). Robert Z’Dar also played the villain in so-bad-it’s-good Samurai Cop (1991) which, almost 25 years later, is getting a sequel, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015?). Anyway …

I found PMS Cop when my search for Chris .R. Notarile‘s feature film Stand Off led me to Tom Cat Films, a Phoenix-based film sales, licensing and distribution company that deals in low-budget films. However, in order to watch PMS Cop, I had to sign up for Full Moon Streaming where it premiered online via Charles Band‘s new Wizard Studios, which is dedicated to independent films (other than Band‘s own).

PMS Cop was written and directed by Bryon Blakey. Watching his film is like being subjected to the classic psychological interrogation tactic of good cop/bad cop. This is a dumb analogy but let’s go with it. The 1st third of the movie is good cop because, well, it’s really good. However, it sets up a premise that doesn’t quite deliver in its final two thirds, or bad cop. Well, maybe it’s more like not-as-good cop because, after a second viewing, I liked those final two thirds a little more.


Heather Hall as Mary Collins in PMS Cop (2014)

Mary Collins (Heather Hall) is an adorable police officer with some anger issues and a very lovely behind. After Mary is caught on camera beating a rapist dressed as a clown who assaulted a young woman with big fake boobs, she is told that she needs to seek professional counseling. Her therapist blames her hostility on PMS and recommends that she enroll in an experimental drug trial for Corybantic which, presumably, will mitigate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Although it’s not said, Mary’s lovely behind is blamed on proper diet and exercise.

Mary enrolls in the trial at BFD Laboratories and, in addition to the drug, she is given a chip implant in her neck to transmit data. She responds positively to the drug, at first. However, when her partner is killed during a convenience store robbery, Mary’s mascara begins to run, and she snaps. She pulls over a man beating his wife in his car and, then, rips his lower jaw right off. Nicholis Foster (David J. Lee), son of BFD’s founder, sends out a security team to retrieve Mary. They sedate her at the laboratory while old Dr. Sokolov (Elaine Jenkins), who has a confusing Eastern European accent which we are led to believe is Russian, and young Dr. Sellers (Megan Dehart) try to figure out what went wrong. Dr. Sokolov concludes that Corybantic together with the chip implant, originally from a failed military contract, can offer more lucrative benefits as a military weapon. They take Mary off the sedatives to monitor her potential, and she quickly mutates into PMS Cop (Cindy Means). PMS Cop is taller, stronger, has longer hair, and prefers red lipstick. PMS Cop is badass and pissed off. She escapes her shackles and proceeds to hunt down and kill everyone in the building, like a female Terminator. Eventually, the increased adrenaline levels in PMS Cop’s blood causes her heart to explode [but, not in the good way!]. However, that doesn’t stop PMS Cop, and she continues her rampage through the building, presumably undead, like a female Maniac Cop.


Cindy Means as PMS Cop in PMS Cop (2014)

Some of the gore gags in PMS Cop are very good like, for instance, Mary’s aforementioned ripping off of a scumbag’s lower jaw. PMS Cop rips off a security guard’s arm and for a brief second it looks like she’s tugging at a Stretch Armstrong doll. She also slashes the chest of an attractive female security guard’s chest and her implants fall to the floor. One lands on some stairs, and another security guard slips on it, bashing his head on a step. My only problem, after second viewing, is that the carnage is held to the confines of the building. I would loved to have seen PMS Cop break out and continue her rampage throughout the city as BFD security and the Police attempted to stop her. Obviously, budget constraints did not allow for this. However, in the end, PMS Cop does leave the building, so here’s hoping she returns in a bigger, more bad-ass sequel! Watch the trailer here …

Heather Hall, who plays Mary, is definitely adorable. She’s very good, too, in her role. Sadly, according to IMDb, PMS Cop is her only acting credit. Cindy Means, who plays PMS Cop, is awesome in her role despite not speaking a single word of dialogue. She’s as sexy as she is bad-ass when she’s the Maniac Cop meets Terminator-esque killing machine; but, when she’s herself, she’s adorable, too …


Adorable Cindy Means