Naked Zombie Girl is “a grindhouse style film about a naked girl killing zombies with a chainsaw.” The film was written and directed by Rickey Bird for Hectic Films; stars Meghan Chadeayne, Joshua Keith Mathews, Ali Dougherty and DT Carney; and, was financed via crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Watch the trailer here …

Awesome trailer, right? Zombies, naked girls, chainsaws, and glorious low-budget gore! I love this! The gritty 1970s grindhouse style, similar to Robert Rodriguez‘s Planet Terror (2007) or Machete (2010), is captured with masterful perfection – the lively intro, the foreboding voice-over, the eerie music, the scratches and burns, etc. The film’s biggest thematic inspiration seems to be George Romero‘s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. This is obvious from the trailer, but, also from the fact that the naked zombie girl is named Barbara. “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!” Johnny (Russell Streiner) warns his sister Barbara (Judith O’Dea) before a zombie attacks her in the cemetery during the opening scenes of Romero‘s iconic zombie feature. Naked zombie girl Barbara is played by model/actress Meghan Chadeayne. I haven’t even seen this movie yet and I’m already in love with her! Check out these amazing shots (from a photo-set taken by J. Owen Photography) …


So, where can I see Naked Zombie Girl? “We are working on a release date after the film goes to more festivals” was the reply to that very same question, recently, on the film’s Facebook page. Currently, Hectic Films is financing, via GoFundMe, a comic book version of Naked Zombie Girl with artist Mike Hampton (who created an cool independent comic called Hot Zombie Chicks). Check out some of his work …


Finally, check out the film’s wonderful poster art …



Mercy Thompson wallpaper by LadieButterfly

Urban fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy that is characterized by contemporary settings, supernatural creatures (i.e. vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.), female protagonists, and romance. In fiction, urban fantasy is also characterized (mostly) by first-person narratives. I love urban fantasy fiction. I was drawn to genre, initially, because of the sexy cover art, but, I fell quickly for the strong female characters. Popular works include Laurell K. Hamilton‘s Anita Blake novels [which have been adapted into a Marvel comic series], Kim Harrison‘s Rachel Morgan novels, and my favorite Patricia BriggsMercy Thompson novels [which have been adapted into a Dynamite comic series].

Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson is a Native American “walker” (or shapeshifter). She can take the form of a coyote at will, an ability she inherited from her father. She works as an auto mechanic in the Tri-Cities area of Washington and exists in a world populated by werewolves, vampires and fae. Mercy Thompson is smart, tough and independent. She is urban fantasy’s sexiest heroine, and, she is wonderfully realized on the novels’ covers [click the titles to view them]: Moon Called (2006), Blood Bound (2007), Iron Kissed (2008), Bone Crossed (2009), Silver Borne (2010), River Marked (2011), Frost Burned (2013), Night Broken (2014), and, the soon-to-be-released short story collection Shifting Shadows (2014). I love Mercy‘s unpretentious look: low-cut jeans and belly shirts that expose the coyote paw print tattoo just below her navel.


Mercy Thompson: Night Broken wallpaper by Dan Dos Santos

Dan Dos Santos created the amazing cover artwork for the Mercy Thompson novels using a model named Jaime, sans tattoos, who was the bartender at a tavern he used to live across the street from. He was commissioned to do the cover for Moon Called and felt that Jaime was perfect for “a tough, athletically-built woman.” I prefer Mercy‘s tattoos, all of ‘em, but, model Jaime is very lovely.


I would imagine that Dan Dos Santos snapped more than one reference photo of his model for each of his Mercy Thompson covers. If so, I would love to see a volume that collects those photos with all of his artwork for the series. Dos Santos also created the amazing cover artwork for Diana Rowland‘s awesome White Trash Zombie series [click the titles to view]: My Life As a White Trash Zombie (2011), Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues (2012), White Trash Zombie Apocalypse (2013), and How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back (2014). Oh, and check out his awesome cover artwork for Doppelgangster (2010), the 2nd book of Laura Resnick‘s Esther Diamond novels. I love this guy’s work!


Mercy Thompson: River Marked wallpaper by LadieButterfly


Mercy Thompson book covers wallpaper by LadieButterfly

The Mercy Thompson novels are certainly delightful reads. I’ve read them all, except for Night Broken [soon!]. Patricia Briggs has created not only a sexy bad-ass heroine, but, a wonderful universe that is both supernaturally fantastic and naturally grounded in reality. However, an overview of the series is beyond the intent of this post [for now]. So, instead, let’s talk a bit about comics …

Mercy Thompson‘s first appearance in comics was in Mercy Thompson: Homecoming. The 4-issue mini-series (2008-09), published by Dabel Brothers, was written by Patricia Briggs and David Lawrence with artwork by Francis Tsai and Amelia Woo. The cover artwork of the graphic novel (2009) was another excellent piece by Dan Dos Santos [click the title]. Homecoming is not an adaptation, but, a prequel to the series of novels. Mercy arrives in the Tri-Cities of Washington to interview for a job as a teacher, but, takes a job as a mechanic instead, finding herself in the middle of a turf war provoked by a pack of rogue werewolves. I love the first 8 pages in which Mercy faces off against the rogue pack until a second pack saves her. It’s dark, brutal and bloody! The artwork is very good, but, I prefer Dan Dos SantosJamie-inspired version of Mercy. However, Briggs‘ story is fast-pace and riveting. It’s almost like an origin story in which we not only learn how Mercy ended up in the Tri-Cities area, but we meet, for the first time, a few major characters like vampire Stefan, Mercy‘s mechanic mentor Zee and Mercy‘s future werewolf lover Adam. Homecoming is an excellent introduction to Mercy Thompson‘s world.


A wonderfully dark scene from the first 8 pages of Mercy Thompson: Homecoming (2009)

Patricia Briggs‘ first Mercy Thompson novel was adapted into comic book form by Dynamite Entertainment as Mercy Thompson: Moon Called [Volume 1 (2011), which collects issues #1-4; and Volume 2 (2013), which collects issues #5-8]. However, I do not own these volumes [yet!] nor have I even read them so I don’t know how much, if at all, the comic differs from the novel. I only just realized that I did not have these graphic novels when I decided to do this post on the artwork (mostly) of the Mercy Thompson series. I decided to do this post because of an upcoming post I’m working on about an urban fantasy web series I recently stumbled upon. I’ll definitely pick up those volumes soon enough – after I re-read Moon Called, of course.

So who would be best to play Mercy Thompson in a filmed adaptation? Well, if a web series or independent feature is in consideration, I would love to see Dan Dos Santos‘ cover model Jaime play her. Can she act? It doesn’t matter. Jaime is the inspiration for the most popular realization of the character; and, when I read those books, I visualized that Mercy Thompson from their cover artwork. So, it only makes sense. However, if a mainstream Hollywood feature or network/cable TV series is in consideration, there is only one actress perfect for the role …


Michelle Rodriguez in Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Michelle Rodriguez is Mercy Thompson! She’s bad-ass on film and in real life. I love Michelle Rodriguez. She’s one of those actress who, for me, makes everything she’s in that much better. Resident Evil (2002), Blue Crush (2002), Machete (2010), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), and Machete Kills (2013) are my favorites. I’m not a big fan of the Fast & Furious movies, but, I love her in them! Rodriguez needs to be cast as Mercy Thompson! Want more proof? Well, check out this pic (in which only Mercy‘s tattoos are missing) …


Michelle Rodriguez in Lost (2006)

Finally, check out this very cool Pinterest page dedicated to all things Mercy Thompson by clicking right here.


Slashers vs cheerleaders is a wonderfully awesome match-up rivaled only by slashers vs goth girls [i.e., Hack/Slash] or zombies vs cheerleaders [i.e., ZvsC or CvsRZ]. However, cheerleaders are more skilled at killing flesh-hungry zombies than vengeful slashers since, in most slasher movies, all cheerleaders die. But, it’s fun to see them die because that’s why we watch slasher movies – to see hot girls (and dumb jocks) get killed. So, as such, I have been anticipating the release of the slasher vs cheerleaders (and football players) film Varsity Blood (2014) …

This football season, Hogeye High’s Warriors and cheerleaders are out for blood. Unfortunately, someone is out for theirs, and they’ll be forced to take one for the team. After the big Halloween football match, the students are joined by an uninvited guest dressed as their high school mascot armed with a bow and arrow, a battle-axe, and an insatiable appetite for butchery. Soon, they find themselves fighting for more than the winning score as terror becomes the name of the game.

The DVD comes out Tuesday, August 19. Watch the official trailer here …

Varsity Blood was directed by Jake Helgren [who also bloodied up homecoming in the aptly-titled Bloody Homecoming (2013)] and stars Lexi Giovagnoli [who also starred in Bloody Homecoming] and Wesley Scott, with a cameo by scream queen Debbie Rochon. Slashers, cheerleaders, and Debbie Rochon? What more do you need to get as excited about this film as I am? How about a re-enactment of one of the film’s killings with finger puppets? Watch that video [produced by the film's distributor Image Entertainment] here …

I think, next week, I’ll have to sit down and watch a Jake Helgren bloody double feature with Varsity Blood and Bloody Homecoming

They were never innocent — but they were always doomed. For these high school students in the sleepy town of Winston, Homecoming will never be the same again — if any of them survive.

Watch the trailer for Bloody Homecoming here …


Finally, the title of Jake Helgren‘s latest feature is, obviously, a twist on the title of the high school football drama Varsity Blues (1999). In that movie, James Van Der Beek delivered the line that he will forever be remembered for. “I don’t want your life!” he snarled in a bad Texas drawl. But, The Beek‘s a good sport which is why he appeared in this awesome TV spot …

The Beek playing himself in that commercial may have been the catalyst for his role as himself on the short-lived ABC sitcom Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (2012-13).


Three die-hard gamers find themselves in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and realize they have to use their gaming chops to survive, rescue their friends, and ultimately save the world.

Bite Me is a web series that pits socially-awkward, die-hard gamers against flesh-hungry zombies. Why are gamers qualified to fight zombies? Well, because they’ve honed their skills by killing zombies in video games! Bite Me was produced by Machinima, the “next-generation video entertainment network for the gamer lifestyle and beyond.” In 2010, the first season [5 episodes] drew over 14 million views, and was aired on the FEARnet cable network. In 2012, the second season [10 episodes] was co-produced by Machinima and Lionsgate, and was, again, aired on the FEARnet cable network. Bite Me was directed by Jarrett Lee Conaway, and written by Andy Shapiro and Bob Quinn. The web series starred Yousef Abu-Taleb (Jeff), Ryan Welsh (Mike), Justin Giddings (Greg), Risdon Roberts (Lauren), and Dani Lennon (Shawna). Season 1 also starred Phil Kruse (Devin), Erin Fitzgerald (Marcy), and Dustin Coffey (Brian); while season two also starred Morgan Benoit (Derrick) and Ricco Ross (General Joseph McRuby). Here’s my favorite character …


Shawna (Dani Lennon) in Bite Me

Shawna evolves from a “dumb slutty waitress” in season 1 to a bad-ass zombie killer in season 2, becoming more and more adorable with every episode. Some have joked that if she were to become a zombie in Bite Me, she would be known as Shawna the Dead. Shawna is played by Dani Lennon, whom I love for three reasons. First, she’s awesome as Shawna. Duh. Second, she has black hair. I love black hair. And, third, her name is Dani. Dani is my favorite girl name. Too many characters that I’ve written are named Dani. Anyway …

Bite Me, like SYNC and TRANSMISSION, is more proof that awesome serial entertainment exists outside of network and cable television; while Bite Me, like TRANSMISSION, is more proof that awesome zombie series exist apart from AMC’s The Walking Dead. This zom-com web series succeeds with a funny script, likable characters, and excellent performances from relatively unknown actors and actresses. Bite Me is a whole lot of gory fun if nothing else.


Episode 1: Outbreak [9:23]. We meet the future saviors of mankind. Jeff (gamertag: SplattrKing13) is a waiter, Mike (gamertag: BrainZnBulletz) is an office drone for I.D.C.A.P.R.S.A.F.D., and Greg (gamertag: VeganZombee88) is a sign waver. They’re gamers, friends and roommates. We also meet Marcy, the MILF who lives next door and who loves to tease Greg; Shawna, the hot girl who lives across the street whom Jeff wants to get with; and Devin, Shawna‘s douchebag boyfriend. Meanwhile, according to an emergency alert, the dead are rising. However, our characters are unaware of the outbreak, at first.

Episode 2: Dead Guy Rising [8:45]. After a marathon session of killing zombies in the video game Dead Rising 2, Jeff and Mike argue about Mike moving out to live with his girlfriend Lauren who makes him do exercise for sex. Later, Jeff and Greg interview a potential new roommate Brian, whom they found on Craigslist. However, the Craigslist guy quickly becomes a zombie. I love that Jeff, Mike and Greg argue about how the outbreak is never explained in zombie movies as a way to rationalize why none is given in Bite Me. My teens-vs-zombies screenplay was written without an explanation for the outbreak. It’s not necessary with a good story and/or strong characters.

Episode 3: Craigslist Guy [7:08]. Jeff and Greg are trapped in their house by the Craigslist guy, while Mike, on the way to exercise freak Lauren‘s house, finds a zombie on the road. Jeff and Greg manage to force the Craigslist guy into Mike‘s bedroom, just as Shawna drops by to see if they have some Red Bull for Devin‘s party. Jeff and Shawna have a brief moment as he walks her back across the street.

Episode 4: Night Vision [10:31]. Jeff and Greg are attacked by zombie MILF Marcy, at their house, while Mike, after facing zombies on the street, tries, in vain, to convince Lauren that the outbreak is real, but, a friend’s Facebook post does the job much to Mike’s confusion. Lauren wonders how Mike knows so much about surviving a zombie outbreak, and he tells her, “Because… I play video games!”

Episode 5: Night Makes a Stain [9:58]. Mike and Lauren make their way back to Jeff and Greg; and, later, Shawna and Devin join them, too, as the zombies from their party besiege the gamers’ house. Jeff, Mike and Greg fight off the assault with whatever weapons they find; while Devin cowers on the floor, forcing Jeff to save Shawna‘s life as a zombie attacks her. The season ends as the group bravely faces the rest of the horde outside. This episode is gory and action-packed, but, the best part is when Jeff, Mike and Greg argue about the different types of zombies. “Total fiction. Rigor mortis sets in way too early. They can’t move like that,” Greg mocks when Jeff mentions Zack Snyder sprinting zombies [i.e., Dawn of the Dead (2004)]. My friend Dan always defends that same argument. It’s funny that Greg and Dan can accept the fact that the dead have come back to life, but, refuse to believe that they can run fast because of rigor mortis! However, since rigor mortis sets in early but only lasts for about 24 hours, zombies should, in theory, start off as classic Night of the Living Dead shambling zombies and progress into Dawn of the Dead remake sprinting zombies. It makes sense. Oh, best line: “Stop! Stop! You stupid fucking bitch!!” Greg screams, mid-fight, watching as Lauren grabs the closest thing to her to use as a weapon. Everybody freezes, including the zombies. “What? She was gonna throw the X-Box,” he defends, calmly. The fight continues.

Watch the Bite Me season 1 trailer here …


Derrick (Morgan Benoit), Shawna (Dani Lennon), Jeff (Yousef Abu-Taleb), Mike (Ryan Welsh)


Episode 1: Continue! [14:04]. The die-hard gamers are back and the zombie outbreak is spreading fast! Jeff, Mike, Greg, Lauren, and Shawna escape via douchebag Devin‘s Hummer, but, with Devin‘s douchebag best friend Derrick. Devin was killed, we learn, via an animated summary. The crew decides they need to seek shelter. However, when Lauren‘s Facebook friend Lisa‘s apartment proves to be unsafe after Lisa (Jacquie Walters) becomes a zombie and Mike is forced to kill her, Jeff and Derrick stumble upon an abandoned warehouse.

Episode 2: Shot Gun [11:07]. Jeff, Mike, Greg and Derrick set off for supplies at Romero’s Pizza, but, are held captive by the owner. When a zombie attacks, someone records the crew kicking ass and the video goes viral getting the attention of the U.S. Army or, more precisely, the newly-created Zombie War Taskforce (Z-WTF). I love that the logo for the pizza place is a caricature of Night of the Living Dead director George Romero as a pizza.

Episode 3: Point of Entry [11:58]. The crew spends their first night in the warehouse, but, quickly realizes that they need to set traps to protect their new home. Jeff, Mike and Greg capture a cute Anime zombie girl (Amy Okuda) that Greg wants to keep alive and study. Jeff and Shawna share another sweet moment, alone, playing Resident Evil. Best line: “I’m a little confused about your confusion, actually,” Greg tells bitchy Lauren, after she wonders why he, Jeff and Mike returned with an X-Box instead of supplies critical for their survival. “Oh my God. I hate you,” she replies. Oh, and Shawna starts wearing the striped shirt, jeans and Converse. She is so adorable!

Episode 4: Viral [14:51]. Jeff, Mike and Greg, while playing Resident Evil online, decide to venture out and rescue another online player being attacked by a real zombie. Jeff, fueled by their viral video, thinks they can help more people while Los Angeles is on lockdown. He also trains Shawna to fight, much to Derrick‘s dismay.

Episode 5: Open For Business [11:45]. Greg continues to study his Anime zombie girl whom he has dubbed Kelly Kapowski [Tiffani Amber Thiessen's character in Saved By the Bell - in case you didn't know]. He also learns that people needing help have found them through his failed social network However, the Z-WTF’s General Joseph McRuby wants them shut down. Best fight scene: Jeff saves Derrick in the alley with some slow motion spins and baseball bat slams. Best line: “You think I’m retarded or something? Well, I’m not. Legally,” Derrick snarls, after confronting Jeff about spending too much time with ShawnaShawna also adds a pair of thick-rimmed glasses to her ensemble, and, she is even more adorable!

Episode 6: Resistance [13:23]. Jeff, Mike and Greg enlist the aid of Shawna to help organize their incoming calls for help via a mainframe. But, when they go live, they find a video from General Joseph McRuby assuring the city that the Z-WTF is there to help. Weary of their motives, Jeff, Mike and Greg begin to organize splinter groups to fight zombies with them. Meanwhile, Lauren, while out getting supplies, is approached by Shilo (Andy MacKenzie), the leader of a protest group for the ethical treatment of zombies. Best line: “You’re basically like Uhura,” Greg tells Shawna who looks at him, puzzled. “From Star Trek,” he clarifies, to no avail.

Episode 7: The Source [11:34]. Greg discovers the source of the outbreak in a studio in Burbank. Shawna informs them that they also received a call for help from that location. Jeff, Mike and Greg investigate and find movie producer Monty St. Clair (Mark Johnson) who claims to have created the real zombies to promote a horror film. However, St. Clair is working for General Joseph McRuby.

Episode 8: Capture [14:41]. Jeff, Mike and Jim are captured by the Z-WTF and interrogated by General Joseph McRuby. They learned from Roger McRuby (John Duffy), the general’s 12-year-old son, that the Z-WTF wants to weaponize the zombies. Meanwhile, Lauren sits in with Shilo and his zombie sympathizers and zombies besiege Shawna back at the warehouse. Greg is bitten by a military zombie in their holding cell. Best line: “Don’t talk about Kelly Kapowski like that!!” Greg snarls at General McRuby.

Episode 9: Breakout [11:02]. Derrick, who stowed away in the crew’s car, breaks Jeff, Mike and Greg from their holding cell, while Shawna, back at the warehouse, is trapped inside by the zombie horde and is forced to fight Kelly Kapowski whom she accidentally releases. Lauren, after zombies attack Shilo, has a change of heart about the living dead, Mike, and his friends. She confronts General McRuby and pleads for the crew’s release, unaware that they’ve already escaped, but, she is taken as a prisoner.

Episode 10: The War [15:50]. In the blood-soaked, action-packed season finale, Jeff, Mike, Shawna and Derrick, at the warehouse, face off against the boss zombie, aka The Doomsday Scenario, created by the Z-WTF to be the future of warfare. Greg cuts his own infected arm off, replaces it with an axe and joins the brutal battle. They fight a good fight, but, eventually, the behemoth knocks Jeff to the ground, and he stares back up, facing his death. Shawna quickly grabs a katana, severs the mega-zombie’s head, saving Jeff‘s life. Then, she kisses him. Meanwhile, Lauren has coaxed young Roger McRuby into releasing her, and she goes to the press with a video of General McRuby killing innocent people. However, the boss zombie rises once more and kills the General. “We have dark days in front of us, but, the war’s not lost,” Jeff says in voice-over. “The war is just beginning,” he adds, giving us hope that a third season is possible in the future. Best line: “When this is all over I’ll buy you a chocolate milk,” General McRuby tells his son Roger. “Fuckin’ promise?” Roger wonders. “Fuckin’ promise,” the General assure him.

Watch the Bite Me season 2 trailer here …

Bite Me is wonderfully entertaining with plenty of gore, action and comedy. I love it. I also love how this web series is shot. I’m not a film techno-geek or anything, so I can’t address the cameras and techniques used, but, I love the way it looks. It’s dark but with crisp definition, and looks as good or better than most network or cable shows.

Finally, check out Zombie Go Boom, an awesome live-action web series that puts “weapons and everyday objects to the test to show you what will kill the undead and help you survive the zombie apocalypse.” It’s like Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior meets Discovery’s Mythbusters – with zombies! Machinima featured many of ZGB‘s episodes here, including this one with Yousef Abu-Taleb and lovely Dani Lennon from Bite Me

Dani Lennon is my new favorite young actress of the week!


The_Interrupters_CoverThe Interrupters debut album was released this past Tuesday (August 5). I excitedly downloaded the Deluxe Edition early that morning, and, have been spinning it all week between other recent punk releases from The Porcelain Doll Collection and The Objex [post coming soon!]. The Interrupters are a ska/punk band from Los Angeles, CA, fronted by Aimee Interrupter (aka Aimee Allen) on vocals, with brothers Kevin Bivona on guitar, Justin Bivona on bass, and Jesse Bivona on drums. The band’s self-titled debut was produced by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong for his HellCat Records. Armstrong also co-wrote all of the songs with The Interrupters, some of whom have played, previously, with his side project Time Timebomb and Friends. Kevin Bivona got to know Tim Armstrong when he toured, as the keyboard player, with Armstrong‘s other side project Transplants [with Travis Barker of Blink-182] in 2005. Hellcat Records press kit says: “Bound by their rebel spirit and deep love for 2 Tone, The Interrupters make super-high-energy ska-punk that’s equal parts catchy and confrontational.” With Allen‘s gravelly voice and Armstrong‘s undeniable influence, they sound like Brody Dalle [Armstrong's ex] fronting Rancid on punkier songs like my favorites “Take Back the Power” and “Liberty”, or Dalle fronting The Specials on the more 2 Tone-esque tracks like, well, every other track on this excellent album. Other favorites include “A Friend Like Me”, “Can’t Be Trusted”, “Easy On You” and “This Is the New Sound”. The latter track sounds like The Clash circa Sandinista! (1980). I embedded the official videos for “A Friend Like Me” and “Family” (featuring Tim Armstrong), and the audio-only video for “Take Back the Power” in my other post, so listen to “Liberty” here …

And, just for the hell of it, let’s listen to my all-time favorite Rancid song …

That song is so insanely addictive!


Lzzy Hale of Halestorm in the “Shatter Me” video

Earlier tonight, on NBC’s America’s Got Talent results show, pop violinist Lindsey Stirling performed her new single “Shatter Me” with my favorite female hard rocker Lzzy Hale of Halestorm! Hale sings on the studio recording, but, Nick Cannon only teased that Stirling was performing since she was a former contestant on AGT (season 5). I said to my daughter’s mother, “Lzzy Hale sings on the single. I wonder if she’ll sing on the show.” Then, she did!! And, she sounded amazing!! Of course, Lindsey Stirling was excellent, too. Her modern interpretation of sounds from a classical instrument combined with dance is pretty cool. I downloaded “Shatter Me” [solely because of Lzzy Hale], but, now, I think I’ll download the rest of Stirling‘s latest album. Watch the AGT clip here …

I wish they would’ve kept Nick Cannon‘s post-performance chat with Lindsey and Lzzy in this clip because Lzzy shines her beautiful smile brightly! She doesn’t say a word [because it was all about Lindsey], but, that smile was enough for me!


Lindsey Stirling in the “Shatter Me” video


Rachel Bright in Red Balloon (2010)

OK, so here I am again posting about another short film starring lovely English actress Rachel Bright. First, I posted about the intense horror film Don’t Move (2013), then, the punk musical/comedy Silly Billy (2010). Now, it’s the creepy horror film called Red Balloon (2010). I probably should have organized an MHE FilmFest. However, Rachel Bright is a relatively well-known English actress with a Wikipedia page, and MHE FilmFests are dedicated to up-and-coming actresses without Wikipedia pages. My blog, my rules.

Red Balloon was directed by Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Mace. Watch it here …

Red Balloon is creepy and effectively scary and, once again, Rachel Bright is a joy to watch. The film’s creepiest moment is when Julie (Bright) is comforting Dorothy (Niamh Palmer Watson) and glances behind her in the mirror to find Dorothy grinning but when she turns back to her, Dorothy is no longer grinning. The film is inspired by “The Clown Statue” urban legend in which a teenage babysitter is unaware of a psychotic killer hiding in the child’s bedroom. Stitches (2011), from the Bloody Cuts anthology [which also presented Don't Move with Rachel Bright] is also inspired by the same urban legend. The scary cautionary tale is a variation of “The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs” urban legend that inspired the horror film When a Stranger Calls (1979/2006)

P.S. Do yourself a favor… watch Don’t Move.